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Ant after ant after ant, all marching in a line—it’s not a sight you want to see in your home or business in Anaheim, CA. Although many ants are harmless to you, they’re still a nuisance, especially if they find their way into your food. Small but mighty, ants will find their way through tiny cracks and crevices on their determined hunt for food, water, and shelter. But by requesting a quote with PURCOR Pest Solutions, you can get on the road to becoming pest-free.

Once they’ve found the sources they need, they’ll begin to move in, more than happy to take over your home or business. Whether it’s prevention or infestation control, PURCOR Pest Solutions is the team to call for Anaheim ant control. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the country.

a close-up of a carpenter ant

What Is an Ant?

There are a vast number of ant species that exist worldwide, more than 200 of which live throughout the country, and you can find several of them in your home or business in Anaheim, CA. Ants vary in size and behavior, but they can be identified by their elbowed antennae and their slender waists, which can help you differentiate them from termites

Ants live in colonies with complex social structures, which often include a queen and workers. They’re common pests all throughout the country, and most are attracted to water and food. If they identify your home or business as a promising source, they’ll continue to return, even if it’s just a small leak in a pipe or access to pet food that they discover.

PURCOR Pest Solutions treats for many different species of ants, including:

How Do I Know If I Have Ants in Anaheim, CA?

If you’re seeing ants inside or outside your home or business, that’s the most explicit indication you can get that you could have an ant infestation on your hands. However, a few ants running around your kitchen could just be scouts, and an infestation can be avoided by killing those ants before they return to their colony, then following up by spraying potential entryways with a home defense insect spray to deter future visitors.

However, if you see an ant trail, which is multiple ants set on a pheromone trail to an identified food or water source, that can be bad news. Look outside your home or business for ant mounds, and check your trees as well. Ants can live in the ground and in the dead branches of trees.

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PURCOR Pest Solutions Ant Control Services

At PURCOR Pest Solutions, we are dedicated to only using environmentally conscious pest control approaches while still providing the most effective services. With integrated pest management methods, you’ll receive a comprehensive approach to ant control in Anaheim, CA. Advanced, upgraded products and expert practices allow for fewer applications but increased effectiveness and a reduced impact on the surrounding environment. 

For most Anaheim ant control, you can expect quarterly treatments. However, should ants make their way back into your home or business in between services, give us a call and we’ll be out in a flash. 

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Schedule Your Ant Inspection in Anaheim, CA, With PURCOR Pest Solutions

Though they may not be an immediate threat to the health and wellness of you, your family, or your employees, Anaheim ants are still no joke. For ant control and other types of pest control services, PURCOR Pest Solutions is the team that will get the job done. Contact us today!