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As a master-planned city, Irvine, CA, is perfect for families, businesses, and students. Whether you’re studying at Concordia University, teaching at Pepperdine University, or moving into your new Oak Creek home, you’ll love everything this Los Angeles suburb has to offer.

Reach new heights at the Great Balloon Park in a tethered helium balloon, or find your new favorite dish at one of Diamond Jamboree’s many restaurants! Looking for a place to start your own business? Irvine’s proximity to a number of colleges and universities makes it a lucrative location for entrepreneurs searching for a college-aged audience, too!

Being such a vibrant, suburban community, however, has its price. Pests are naturally drawn to human activity, and often invade Irvine in search of shelter and food. Before they make themselves at home in your living space or workplace, learn more about PURCOR Pest Solutions’ solutions below!

PURCOR Pest Solutions Removal Services

Home and Business Pest Control in Irvine, CA

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes, it’s also where the pests march in. From wildlife digging through your trash to flies buzzing around your kitchen, keeping unwanted guests outside and away from your loved ones can feel like an uphill battle. 

That uphill battle can be even harder for businesses; the presence of pests in your Irvine restaurant, shop, or grocery store could spell disaster for your reputation and investment. Create a barrier against pests for your home or business with PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our pest professionals can tackle the following critters and more with our residential and commercial programs:

Irvine Scorpion Control Services

Don’t let a scorpion’s sting take the fun out of living in Irvine, CA. These aggressive arthropods invade homes in search of pests to eat, but if startled, they unleash their venom on you and your loved ones. In addition to muscle spasms, nausea, and swelling, scorpion stings can prove fatal to pets, young children, or older relatives. Contact PURCOR Pest Solutions to learn how our scorpion control services can give you peace of mind in Irvine. 

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No matter if you’ve spotted spiders in your University Park home, or you’ve got cockroaches roaming your shop at the Market Place, pests don’t have to become a permanent part of your life in Irvine. When you need pest professionals you can depend on, choose PURCOR Pest Solutions. We offer residential and commercial pest control solutions in Irvine and its surrounding communities. Contact our team to request a quote or schedule a service appointment today!

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