The Meadows, FL

Need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Southwest Florida coast? The Meadows, located west of Interstate 75, is a peaceful community just outside of Sarasota. From the Highlands Golf Course to the Meadow Village Pub, there’s plenty to see and experience in this nook of Sarasota County. 

Wherever there’s human activity, however, you can expect to find pests. No matter if you’re dealing with cockroaches roaming your kitchen or mice nibbling on electrical wires, you can stop tiny invaders of all kinds with PURCOR. Give us a call today for effective pest control solutions. 

The Meadows Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Don’t depend on simple traps from the store to solve your pest problems. When you choose residential pest control services from PURCOR, we’ll rid your home of pests with specialized applications, mechanical traps, and more. We also provide preventative solutions to stop unwanted guests from returning. 

Safeguard your home against the following pests:

Pests are also drawn to a variety of areas outside of the home, such as restaurants, schools, and more. Thankfully, PURCOR also offers commercial pest control services to protect your establishment from all kinds of creeping, crawling, and flying pests.

The Meadows Termite Control

The Meadows’ residents aren’t the only ones who enjoy the mild weather throughout the year.  Termites thrive in the Sunshine State’s warm, humid climate and are always on the hunt for the next home or business to infest and damage. 

Whether they cause structural or cosmetic damage to your property, it’s crucial to get rid of termites as soon as possible. With our termite control services, you can take back your space from these wood-damaging insects and stop them from coming back. 

Protect Your Property in The Meadows

When you need reliable pest control in The Meadows, look no further than PURCOR. As a team of professionals with diverse pest experience and knowledge, you can depend on us to solve your pest problems. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and discover how we can help you start living pest-free again.

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