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Environmentally Conscious Pest Control Practices | PURCOR Pest

Environmentally Conscious Pest Control and IPM

As part of the evolution of pest control, PURCOR™ prioritizes environmentally responsible, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods for Northwest homes and businesses.

Pest control is much more than just a one-time job. In fact, achieving the fullest protection against pests often requires a joint effort between homeowners and their local pest control provider to establish an effective, preventive barrier. Likewise, high-quality pest control does not entail applying products generously and hoping for the best.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Solutions from PURCOR

At PURCOR, we’re well-versed in the latest, most comprehensive pest management methods for Northwest homes and businesses. We work to safeguard your employees and loved ones not only against invasive pests but also any effects of our pest control treatments. That means taking steps to reduce the environmental risks of pesticide use, such as pollution. Integrated pest management (IPM) with a focus on preventing infestations is the foundation of our environmentally conscious approach.

Elements of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Preventing pests from getting inside in the first place should always be the first method of attack. However, this is only one aspect of an environmentally responsible, IPM program. An “integrated” approach to pest control includes multiple steps and possible ways to tackle a pest infestation (plus prevent it from returning).

In short, IPM is the holistic practice of using all possible pest control methods with the help of strategies such as:

  • Bait stations
  • Low-impact products
  • Exclusion techniques around buildings
  • Continual monitoring of pest activity
  • Ongoing education and training for service specialists

With an IPM approach, pesticide applications are only used when exclusion methods and sanitation can’t solve the problem. With PURCOR, you can feel peace of mind knowing your pets, children, employees, customers, or guests are protected.

Low-Impact Pest Control Products, High-Impact Results

Playing a role in the evolution of pest control wouldn’t be possible without the willingness to adapt and evolve. That’s why PURCOR Pest Solutions focuses on long-term solutions to your pest problems as opposed to merely managing them as they arise. To discover more about how we can protect your property through IPM, see all the services we offer or contact us today to schedule pest control!