Crawlspaces Elite

Crawlspaces Elite is proud to join the PURCOR™ family of pest control companies.

Originally a division of Eco Elite Pest Control, Crawlspaces Elite initially opened in 2008 with one employee. While Eco Elite quickly grew to be one of the largest pest control companies in the Seattle and Tacoma area, it became apparent that customers wanted and needed crawlspace and attic clean-outs due to rodent damage. Homeowners appreciated the new service, and Eco Elite’s crawlspace work was in high demand.

Combining the best of both pest control and crawlspace expertise, Eco Elite Pest Control then created a division to specifically market and deal with the rapid growth. This is ultimately how Crawlspaces Elite came to be!

Crawlspaces Elite: Now Part of PURCOR

Now, Crawlspaces Elite is proud to provide the same quality crawlspace services as part of PURCOR. To get in touch with PURCOR or to schedule services for your home, please call or contact us today!

The Evolution of Pest Control

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