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Idaho Pest Control Solutions

Located in the northwestern part of the country, Idaho is filled with outdoor recreation areas and wildlife. But not all wildlife is pleasant, and if you find yourself dealing with a pest infestation in Idaho, contact PURCOR Pest Solutions. With multiple service areas in western Idaho, PURCOR can help treat your pest control needs. 

Whether you need pest control treatments in your residence or business, we have effective, long-lasting solutions. We have treated many pest infestations, from smaller insects to nuisance wildlife. Our team can quickly identify affected areas and find a treatment plan to fit your situation. Contact our PURCOR team to get a free estimate!

Residential or Commercial Pest Control Services Near You in Idaho

Protect your home or business from pests and avoid possible damage and risk. At PURCOR, we provide preventive pest control treatments to remove pests and keep them out for good. Pests can cause damage to your home by feeding on wooden structures. Certain pests also carry bacteria and diseases that can pose health issues, especially for business owners. 

Stink Bug Control in Idaho 

While relatively harmless, stink bugs truly do stink to have around your home or business. These dark brown insects hibernate during the winter, which is when you’ll typically find them around your home looking for warmth. In the warmer months, stink bugs can destroy crops and garden plants, and emit an odor to keep away birds and lizards. You can prevent stink bug infestation by ensuring windows and doors are sealed properly and by removing any branches or shrubs that can allow easy access for pests. 

Idaho Communities We Service

Our team at PURCOR is proud to provide pest control services in Idaho. We’re committed to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions, so you can live pest-free. A few of the service areas we serve in Idaho include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find eco-friendly pest control services?

Look no further! At PURCOR, our products are low-impact, without heavy use of chemicals, so you can be sure your pets and children are safe. Our sustainable treatments are environmentally friendly too! 

How much does pest control cost in Idaho?

PURCOR offers affordable, long-lasting pest control treatments that you can count on. Depending on the pest infestation, our pest control professionals will set up a treatment plan for you. Get a free estimate today!

Why hire a professional instead of doing it myself?

Attempting to treat pest control on your own isn’t as easy as it sounds. While you might be able to keep pests away temporarily, they’ll most likely come crawling back without sustainable treatments in place. Avoid getting your finger stuck in a mousetrap or spraying excess amounts of pesticide in your home, and let the professionals handle it.

Find Your Idaho Pest Control Team Today

No matter the type of pest you’re dealing with, our pest professionals at PURCOR have the tools to handle it. From initial inspection and treatment to follow-up appointments, you won’t have to worry about future infestations. Contact our team today to set up a treatment plan!

5 Service Areas Covered in Idaho

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