Oregon Pest Control

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Oregon Pest Control Solutions

Oregon is home to a wide range of lakes, state parks, and mountains. With plenty of wooded areas and outdoor recreation, it isn’t surprising that pests make their way into residences in Oregon. If you’re dealing with pests in your home or business, it’s time to call your team at PURCOR Pest Solutions. 

At PURCOR, we offer a variety of pest control solutions targeted to treat any unique situation. Our team of pest professionals will start by inspecting the premises for affected areas, and identifying the infestation. Once the type of pest infestation is determined, we will set you up with a treatment plan to remove pests and prevent them from invading in the future. Contact our team today for a free estimate!

Residential or Commercial Pest Control Services Near You in Oregon

Dealing with pests in your home or business can bring headaches. Our team of pest professionals use sustainable, environment-conscious products to keep your pets, children, and home safe. With ongoing, protective pest control treatments, you can keep your property pest-free year-round. 

Any business owner knows the importance of maintaining a clean and safe work environment for employees and customers. Pest infestation can bring health risks and damage to your property. Protect your business from pests and contact the team at PURCOR today!

Stink Bug Control in Oregon 

If you’re dealing with stink bugs in your Oregon home, don’t wait to get help. Our team can quickly treat your pest problem and provide long-lasting barriers, so pests don’t come crawling back in. While stink bugs don’t contain venom, sting, or bite, they do put off a pungent odor when they feel threatened. Keep pesky pests away from your residence and find a treatment plan with PURCOR. 

Oregon Communities We Service

We’re proud to serve local businesses, neighborhoods, and schools around Oregon. With service areas in northeast and northwest Oregon, we’re here for you. A few of the cities we serve include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What pest control programs does PURCOR offer?

At PURCOR, we provide pest control services to treat termites, mosquitos, wildlife, rodents, and more! We also offer lawn care and crawl space services.  

How do I get started with pest control services?

Explore our service areas to find a PURCOR team near you. We’ll come out to inspect your property and set you up with a treatment plan. After initial treatment, we’ll schedule quarterly pest control treatments to provide ongoing protection from pests.

How do you identify various pests?

If you’re unsure what type of pest you’re dealing with, check out our pest identifier tool. However, our team of experienced professionals has the tools to quickly identify pests and get rid of them.

Find Your Oregon Pest Control Team Today

Don’t deal with pest removal on your own. At PURCOR, we’re happy to remove pests from your property and provide long-term preventative care. Find your PURCOR team today and return to living pest-free!