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California Pest Control Services

California’s landscape, people, and cityscapes are diverse and exciting—not to mention generally warm and sunny! Unfortunately, California bugs and pests are also diverse and prolific.

From cockroaches and termites and wildlife invaders and bloodsucking bedbugs, California homes and businesses have plenty of pests to contend with.

If you’re up against serious pest pressures or want to get a preventive pest control plan in place, just reach out to PURCOR Pest Solutions. We’ll get you a free service estimate and help you get back to living pest-free.

Residential or Commercial Pest Control Services Near You in California

Pests can seriously disrupt your peace of mind. Battling against bugs and rodents in your home or workspace can make you feel uneasy, and in some cases, could even put your health at risk. For California business owners and managers, a pest infestation could also create serious problems for your reputation.

When you need reinforcements to combat a specific pest problem or want to get a preventive plan set up, the PURCOR Pest Solutions team can help. We provide services for the following California bugs and pests:

Cockroach Control in California

Cockroaches are notorious for infesting places across the country, and unfortunately, the Golden State is no less desirable for them. It’s not even unheard of to run into a flying cockroach (often an American cockroach) in California!

Fortunately, the team at PURCOR Pest Solutions offers excellent California cockroach control solutions so you don’t have to battle these unhygienic and hard-to-squish pests on your own. The PURCOR Pest Solutions team can come in to wipe out your California cockroach problems and help you pinpoint anything that may be attracting them to your space.

California Communities We Service

We’re proud to offer excellent pest control to those living in and around the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego metro areas. You’ll find an expert PURCOR Pest Solutions team throughout these regions, including in the following areas:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are landlords responsible for pest control in California?

It depends. In California, landlords are responsible for providing habitable housing, which means they are responsible for eliminating pests prior to a tenant moving in. This also means they’re responsible for fixing issues that may cause pest infestation, such as cracks in the foundation or window seals.
However, landlords in California are not responsible for pest control in cases when infestations are caused by tenant behavior. If a tenant brings bedbugs home or leaves food out that attracts mice, it’s not up to the landlord to foot the bill. That’s why as a renter in California, it’s important to find high-quality preventive pest control so you don’t have to face a hefty bill down the road.

When is termite season in California?

Termites are most active and primarily swarm in California during the spring, summer, and sometimes autumn. Specifics will depend on your location in California and the type of termites you’re experiencing.
While warmer-weather months are the most conducive for termite swarms, termites are sometimes also active during colder months when they are living in heated spaces. Termites in California also have the benefit of enjoying the generally warm regional climate, so are often considered to be year-round pests.

Are bedbugs common in California?

Yes. Unfortunately, bedbugs are common throughout the United States. A prolific pest in businesses and households, bedbugs are all over California, and spread from place to place very easily through traveling on their hosts and even on items like clothing and luggage. If you have a run-in with one of these hitchhikers, give us a call.

Find Your California Pest Control Team Today

When you’re looking for expert pest control and guidance, contact PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our team can step in and help, whether you’re looking for a way to prevent termites on your California property in the long term, or need an immediate solution after seeing a flying cockroach in your California household. Get started today by reaching out to your nearest service team!

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