Crawlspace Services

PURCOR™ offers comprehensive crawlspace cleanup and insulation services to prevent flooding and moisture as well as rodents, nuisance wildlife, and general pests.

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Crawlspace Cleanup, Insulation, and Repair

When it comes to pest problems or insulation issues in your home, it’s important to identify the foundation of the cause—literally. From the presence of excess moisture to mold to mice and more, crawlspaces can quickly become damp and dreadful.

Fortunately, PURCOR is qualified to inspect crawlspaces and suggest a plan of action to keep yours dry, well-sealed, and well-circulated.

Crawlspace Services with PURCOR Pest Solutions

PURCOR offers a variety of services to help keep your crawlspace clean, dry, and free of pests and wildlife invaders.

Vapor Barrier Replacement

The vapor barrier in your crawlspace reduces moisture, helping prevent mold and bacteria that may circulate through your house.

Crawlspace Sump Pumps

If you are experiencing flooding issues in your crawlspace or basement, a sump pump may be just what you need to treat the problem.

Crawlspace French Drains

French drains have proven to be the most effective method in preventing and alleviating crawlspace and basement flooding.

Crawlspace Drainage Matting

To maximize dryness protection for your crawlspace, have PURCOR install crawlspace drainage matting. It’s the perfect complement to your crawlspace encapsulation system.

Crawlspace Pest and Wildlife Exclusion with PURCOR

Once your crawlspace is cleaned and restored, it is vital to keep pests and wildlife out. In addition to general crawlspace services, PURCOR uses proven methods of exclusion to do so. We can provide remediation of other home problems and structural damage commonly caused by the elements and pests like rodents.

Contact PURCOR for Crawlspace Services

When venturing into your crawlspace becomes a messy job, PURCOR has your back. With various crawlspace cleaning and repair solutions, we’ll help you decide the best plan of action to remedy the issue. Get in touch with PURCOR to schedule crawlspace services today.


PURCOR Pest Solutions agent inspecting pipes in basement with flashlight.


  • Removal and replacement of insulation
  • Removal and replacement of wraps on pipes and air ducts
  • Removal and replacement of vapor barrier
  • Cleanup of rodent droppings and debris
  • Sanitation and deodorization of crawl spaces and/or attics
  • Rodent exclusion
  • Rebuilding of crawlspace doors/hatches
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