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Weed Control & Lawn Care Services

With PURCOR™, pulling weeds doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. We are equipped and licensed to take care of noxious weeds in your yard, pasture, or rangeland.


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Weed Control and Removal in Washington and Idaho

Stay proactive so that you won’t spend your summers pulling and spraying for weeds. PURCOR Pest Solutions provides pre-emergent weed abatement (also known as bare ground sterilization) in Idaho and North Washington from Seattle to Payette, ID. Bare ground sterilization occurs in the spring, which prevents weed seeds from germinating and allows for peace of mind throughout the summer. In addition, PURCOR is equipped and licensed to take care of your noxious weeds, pasture, and/or rangeland.

What’s Wrong with Weeds, Anyway?

Weeds are types of unsightly, nuisance plants that grow in excess or where they are not wanted. In gardens, shrub beds, or pastures, weeds can interfere with the health of plants you actually want to grow by consuming nutrients or blocking light.

Often, weeds can simply be pulled or hoed out. Grassy weeds, blackberries, and brush, however, cannot be easily pulled once established. When this happens, treating with an herbicide is often the best solution. Follow-up treatments are usually necessary to keep them from becoming re-established. There are a variety of herbicides to choose from, but all must be applied carefully to avoid damage to desired plants.

Lawn Care in Washington and Idaho

In addition, if you’re looking for comprehensive lawn care services in Washington or Idaho, PURCOR can provide pest control around your yard and other maintenance to promote a lush lawn. Talk to your local service specialist for details.

Contact PURCOR for Weed Abatement

Out-of-control weed problems should be left to the weed control experts. If you need help with weed abatement in Washington or Idaho, contact PURCOR today!



  • A service specialist performs an inspection of your yard.
  • We identify conditions that might be causing weeds to emerge.
  • We help develop a weed control service plan that will nurse your lawn back to health.
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