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Protect your business’s customers, employees, bottom line, and entire reputation from the threat of pests with PURCOR™.

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Don’t let insects or vermin put your health and commercial property at risk! Pests like rodents, roaches, and bed bugs pose real risks to your business. We make it our mission to protect businesses, customers, guests, and employees from all sorts of pests.

Pest Control for Businesses from PURCOR

Using the most advanced commercial pest control protocols available, PURCOR Pest Solutions works to ensure your property stays pest-free—and your customers and employees stay safe. No matter if you’re in the hospitality or the healthcare industry, we offer business pest control for year-round protection. Contact us for more information or to schedule services today.

Hotel & Hospitality Pest Control

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In the hospitality business, there’s no vacancy for certain visitors! Nothing creates more empty guest suites than sharing their stay with unwanted pests or sleeping alongside bed bugs. If your guests’ experiences aren’t up to par, your reviews will show it, and your hotel, motel, or other lodging property’s reputation will suffer.

That’s why proactive, preventative pest control measures are crucial to the ongoing success of your hotel or hospitality business in your local area. It’s important to partner with a pest control company that is aware of the unique issues the hospitality industry faces.

Multi-Family Pest Control

Whether you are a landlord for an apartment or condominium or oversee a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), you know how important it is that your tenants live in a pest-free home. PURCOR is experienced in handling common pest control issues that arise in multi-family properties and have specific protocols when implementing pest control treatments.

From individual units to common areas, we’re well versed in providing the multi-family and apartment pest control solutions your tenants deserve to live comfortably and safe from potentially dangerous pests.

Need a pest inspection for your new apartment, real estate, or commercial property? We also offer certified structural pest inspections for compliance reporting on wood destroying organisms such as termites and carpenter ants. Contact our team for more details.

Restaurant & Food Processing Pest Control

Pest Control for Restaurants

If you own a bar or a restaurant, then you are determined to provide an environment that is pest-free and clean for the enjoyment of your customers. But if you want guests to keep returning to your establishment, you must offer a pleasant dining experience. The last thing you need is for a pest to make a surprise appearance in your bar or restaurant, leaving an unforgettable negative impression on your customers. Pests like rodents and cockroaches can even spread dangerous food-borne illnesses via the pathogens that they carry. If pests are seen at your place of business, you could be issued fines or citations. Even worse, your place of business could be shut down by the health department because of pest infestations.

At PURCOR, we have the skills and service specialists to help you take care of any pest infestations—and keep them from returning—without compromising your adherence to health regulations. See how we can help your food handling establishment.

Office & Retail Pest Control

Maintaining a positive public image is essential for a successful retail business. Set aside the general disgusting nature of pests in a place of business; pests also carry a multitude of harmful bacteria that can threaten the health of customers and staff. Heavy foot traffic from customers, as well as staff and delivery personnel, opens up a retail store’s susceptibility to pest infestation.

PURCOR will work with you to eliminate your pest-related worries that come with running a business. Our team’s environmentally sensitive treatment options will keep your facility pest-free and protected.

Healthcare Pest Control

Health care worker greeting a child.

Pests are a natural enemy for healthcare facilities. The necessity of a sterile environment does not mesh well with the unsanitary conditions pests create; thus, their presence can lead to serious health and financial consequences for both your patients and your facility. With so many patient rooms, cafeterias, laundry rooms, storage areas, as well as all the general activity occurring during all hours of the day, pests have plenty of places to hide.

These challenges are exactly why it’s important to partner with a local pest control company that is aware of the unique issues the healthcare industry faces. At PURCOR, we are confident our environmentally responsible methods at eliminating pests at their source can work with the needs of your hospital, doctor’s office, or another medical practice.

School & Education Pest Control

Working in any type of educational facility, the health, safety, and well-being of your students is number one. Schools, preschools, and daycares require special care when it comes to pest management and control efforts, however.

Thankfully, PURCOR places protecting families, pets, and kids at the top of our priorities. With years of pest control experience around the United Sates, we are familiar with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines on how pest management should occur in these specific areas. You can count on us to help ensure your school or campus remains pest-free.

Warehouse and Storage Pest Control

Interior of metalworking factory workshop hangar. Modern industrial enterprise production.

If you provide warehousing and storage for food products, consumer goods, or local residents and families, your facilities can be subject to pest infestations. When goods or personal belongings are being brought inside, so will other pests like insects and rodents. Whether they hitch a ride inside boxes or are drawn to stored food products, the risk of an invasion is real.

Call PURCOR to inspect your warehouse or storage facility for pest-friendly conditions. Our team will work with yours to determine the best pest control plan for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is commercial pest control important? 

Whether caring for patients or serving food to multiple tables, keeping a clean and safe environment requires commercial pest control. Pests such as rodents, insects, and even birds can damage property, contaminate products, and spread diseases. They can also disrupt daily operations, tarnishing your company’s reputation.
PURCOR Pest Solutions offers tailored pest control solutions to suit the needs of your business. We can help protect your employees and clients from health hazards by implementing proactive measures that promote a positive image and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

How often should commercial pest control be done? 

Regular PURCOR commercial pest control is necessary to prevent pest infestations in your business. Pest control treatments can vary based on your company’s needs and the severity of infestations.
It’s best to treat most commercial properties quarterly. If the infestation is harmful to you, your employees, and your clients, you may require monthly treatments for three to six months. We can assess the unique needs of your business and set up an appropriate treatment schedule.

Are commercial pest control treatments safe for employees and customers? 

PURCOR prioritizes your employees’ and customers’ health and safety regarding commercial pest control. We use targeted treatments and follow strict guidelines for application. In addition, we use products that are safe for humans yet effective in killing pests. Our regular pest control services give employees and customers peace of mind by creating a clean and healthy work environment.


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  • A service specialist inspects your property for the presence of pests.
  • We treat cracks, crevices, and other areas around the structure where pests may be living.
  • We’ll help you set up a recurring pest control plan for your business.
  • If you see pests come back, so will we. That’s our guarantee.
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