Termite Control

PURCOR Pest Solutions can help protect your home and your family.

Termites are a nuisance that if left untreated can cause major damage to both your home and bank account. With PURCOR Pest Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your home will be evaluated for conducive conditions for termite issues and appropriately safeguarded against an infestation.

PURCOR Pest Solutions offers multiple programs to fit your unique needs. Our pest experts will come to your property and thoroughly inspect it before recommending which options would work best for you. From prevention tips to services designed to help you prepare for termite swarm season, you can count on our team. 

Baiting Program

If you’re wondering if you have termites in your home, the ADVANCE Termite Baiting System program is perfect for a property that needs long-term protection. Baiting systems are designed to reduce or eliminate the termite’s colony based on their natural behavior. The ADVANCE baiting system will be installed in the soil around your home and will be checked regularly for any warning signs of termite activity. 

When termites are found, the inspection cartridge is replaced with a bait cartridge so that the termites can begin feeding. As the termites feed and travel back to the colony, they share the bait and recruit other termites back to feed. This process will ultimately eliminate the termite’s colony and prevent the potential damages they may cause.

Liquid Treatment

Tried and true, our liquid treatment utilizes today’s chemical advances to offer immediate control with protection that can last for up to ten years. Plus, our products are designed to transfer throughout the termite’s colony relying on the natural social behavior of the termite. In addition, our premium grade termiticides will be applied to the soil adjacent to your foundation around the exterior of your home.

The Termidor System

The Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is one of the most advanced technology and efficiencies for you and your home. This system works by injecting Termidor termiticide that will draw out termites. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll enjoy Termidor’s benefits over traditional solutions for termites, including:

  • Does not require trenching, drilling, or rodding in your yard, and leaves the landscape mostly untouched.
  • Injects a precise amount of termite solution into the ground so only the termites—and no other wildlife or plants— are affected.
  • Is 75% less intrusive than traditional systems, which means less disruption to your property and schedule.

The Termidor system is also a valuable tool for realtors. If you’re preparing to sell a home, give our team a call to learn about using the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System to shield your livelihood from termite issues. Don’t forget to ask about your options for a termite letter or bond!

Take Back Your Home from Termites with PURCOR

As always, we back all of our services and systems with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. One of the reasons why we offer any necessary additional visits to your property totally free of charge is because we want you to take peace knowing that the job will be done properly. Request your free termite control estimate today.



  • A technician performs an extensive inspection of your home.
  • PURCOR uses the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System
  • PURCOR backs the work with our Pest Guarantee
  • Precise application, groundbreaking technology, and minimal disruptions for homeowners!
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