Residential Pest Control Services

PURCOR™ provides the quality pest protection and service you expect with fewer interruptions to your home life—keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

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Pest Control for Homes

Pests of all kinds will come to find that a PURCOR-protected household is not an inviting home. We work hard so you can find comfort in all your living spaces, inside and out. Luckily, our professional service specialists always treat your home with the same sanctity as if it were their own.

Common Pests

Whether you’ve got an army of ants in your kitchen, an elusive mouse about your house, or something more destructive like wood-eating termites destroying your deck, the PURCOR team is knowledgeable and experienced in squashing the most stubborn of pests. Our regular quarterly pest services are designed with a proactive, preventative approach in mind.

Beginning with the exterior of your property (where most problems with pests initially manifest), we create and maintain a barrier between pests and your home. Then, using environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, PURCOR Pest Solutions takes all necessary precautions when treating in and around homes in your local area.

Guaranteed Pest Protection and Environmentally Conscious Solutions

At PURCOR, we value the well-being of the environment along with the people in it. The comfort and protection of your family are our priority. That’s exactly why we utilize low-impact pest control products and IPM methods that are purposeful and targeted to your specific pest infestation. Plus, our service guarantee is built into your annual cost, ensuring that we’ll return for a re-treatment if pests pop up between our quarterly visits.

Schedule Pest Control for Your Home

If you’re fretting about pests invading your home, don’t forget: PURCOR has your back! We strive to provide only the highest-quality protection and service that you expect with minimal environmental impact or disruptions to your busy life. Take back your domain and contact PURCOR today for residential pest control services.


PURCOR Pest Solutions agent petting dog of two homeowners in front yard.


  • A service specialist inspects your home for the presence of pests.
  • We treat cracks, crevices, and other areas around your property where pests may be living.
  • We’ll help you set up a recurring pest control plan for your home.
  • If you see pests come back, so will we. That’s our guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I try and control my pest problem alone?

Although DIY methods do exist, it is in your best interest not to attempt pest control yourself. This is due to the inconsistent effectiveness of home remedies and prolonged exposure to dangerous pests in your home.

If I don’t do it myself, how do I remove pests from my home?

For the best results in pest control and removal, turn to professional pest control services. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge to properly steer pests out of your home, but they also do so without harming you, your loved ones, and your pets.

What are the best residential pest control services near me?

The answer is PURCOR! Our team of professional technicians utilizes preventive treatments that ensure your pest problem is as good as gone. If your pest problem returns, that simply means our job is not done. Request a free online quote on our residential pest control services today!