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The world is full of creatures of all different shapes and sizes. While nature may be beautiful in its own regard, we don’t want nature finding its way into our home and settling down.

Pests usually don’t do much beyond looking creepy or disrupting our day to day life, but occasionally they can get into our food supply, damage our wiring, or even cause injury or sickness through venomous bites or toxic waste.

Whatever type of infestation you’re dealing with, our pest control experts in Hillsboro offer solutions which keep the unwanted intruders at bay and you living peacefully.

Throughout the entire western Portland area, customers know they can turn to Purcor when they have a problem that needs sorted out.

From small issues like the occasional bug crawling across the floor to major issues like rats, mice, or termites which could be damaging your home, we use our superior training and experience to figure out where they’re coming from, how to stop them, and how to get rid of the problem for good.

Whether you’re looking for an immediate treatment solution or a long-term plan for total pest prevention, we use the latest technology and methods to ensure we’re giving you the best possible service. We even offer emergency pest control services for those matters which come up and simply can’t wait.

Customized Solutions for Optimized Results

One of the things that sets Purcor apart is our insistence on using customized solutions. We know that every home is different and every pest problem is unique in its own way, from severity to details like where pests are getting in and where they’re living.

You’ll never be offered a cookie-cutter solution when you call our team—we customize each treatment for the best possible results. We believe your satisfaction lies in both the customer service we offer and in finding a solution that works, and we go to great lengths to ensure we offer both. We even offer a range of service options so you can choose the what’s right for you and your home at the time.

Contact us for pest control in Hillsboro if you’re having issues with any the critters below.

Commercial & Multi-Family Pest Control Solutions

Purcor is the name you can turn to for commercial-grade solutions as well. Whether you manage a business and have an issue with pests interrupting your workflow or you run a multi-family residential property and need regular pest control solutions for your tenants, Halt Pest Control can provide customized solutions to all your needs.

We offer regular treatment options, scheduled maintenance and upkeep, inspections, emergency services, and everything in between so you can get your pest problems taken care of right away. And we do all this while never straying from the same level of quality customer service that has earned us the recognition we’re proud of.