Seattle, WA Pest Control

Seattle downtown buildings panorama view from Queen Anne hill, Washington, USA

Pest Control Services in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA, also nicknamed the Emerald City, is a jewel of the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by ever-present greenery, the beautiful Cascades, and the bay of Puget Sound, natural beauty is everywhere for Seattle residents. The city itself is a thriving metropolis with professional sports teams, internationally recognized buildings like the Space Needle, and is well known as the home to some of the most famous tech companies in the world.

However, although Seattle’s mild marine climate contributes to its charm, it can make it the perfect weather for pests (such as Seattle’s infamous rats) to thrive. PURCOR can help. With our residential and commercial pest control throughout Seattle and Puget Sound, we can keep your home or business pest-free. We’re also committed to sustainability, utilizing environmentally-friendly products to treat for pests while avoiding any significant environmental impact.

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Seattle

Whether you own a business downtown Seattle or a house in Broadview, PURCOR offers pest control services to the following neighborhoods: 

  • Downtown Seattle
  • Central District
  • Industrial District
  • Ballard
  • Beacon Hill
  • Capitol Hill
  • Columbia City
  • Delridge
  • Fremont
  • Georgetown
  • Green Lake
  • Lake City
  • Madison Park
  • Magnolia
  • Mount Baker
  • Northgate
  • Queen Anne
  • Rainier Valley
  • Ravenna
  • South Seattle
  • Wallingford
  • West Seattle

PURCOR: A Seattle Exterminator Since 1992

PURCOR has been serving Seattle since the early ’90s. We’ve gathered experience removing a wide variety of problem pests in Puget Sound, including:

Had only a couple sightings of a certain type of pest around your home? No sweat. We have the team, training, and technology to treat additional pests like ticks, bed bugs, and centipedes.

Home and Business Pest Control in Seattle 

Every pest presence differs in nature—and you can be sure that our pest control solution is personalized and custom-made for whatever your home or business space needs most. We also understand the necessity of swift response times. That’s why we get in touch with you quickly once you contact us and provide a free estimate so you can make an informed decision about your pest control services. Our teams are armed with the most up-to-date practices and knowledge that set us apart from the competition.

Crawlspace Services in Seattle, WA

Additionally, our service specialists can perform crawlspace repair, cleanup, and insulation services in Seattle, WA, for pests or insulation issues you might have in your house or commercial building. Crawlspaces often accumulate excess moisture, which may attract mold as well as pests. PURCOR is prepared to inspect your situation and suggest a plan of action. 

If you’re seeing any flooding in your crawlspace or basement, we offer sump pumps and French drains as a solution plus preventive maintenance. We can even provide drainage matting for an added layer of dryness protection along with vapor barrier replacement to help reduce dampness. Reach out to PURCOR today to discuss the ideal crawlspace services for your Seattle home.

Don’t Give in to Your Seattle Pest Problem

Living with cockroaches, ants, or other nasty pests doesn’t have to be your new normal. PURCOR Pest Solutions knows Seattle pest control and the ins and the outs of whatever is bothering you. Our preventive services can also keep your home or business pest-free. Either way, give us a call today or contact us to request your quote and see how the PURCOR team can help you!