Halt Pest Control

Halt Pest Control is proud to join the PURCOR™ family of pest control companies. Contact us today for pest services.

Halt Pest Control is proud to join PURCOR™.

For three decades, Halt Pest Control has been committed to delivering quality services, offering transparency and education, and building relationships with all of our customers. This means we’ve been able to focus on long-term solutions, not just one-and-done treatments. Our experienced pest control service specialists have stayed committed to working around your schedule while protecting homes and businesses in Oregon and Washington.

Halt Pest Control: Now Part of PURCOR

Today, Halt Pest Control is proud to provide the same quality pest control services as part of the evolution of pest control with PURCOR. To get in touch with PURCOR or to schedule services for your home, please call or contact us today!

The Evolution of Pest Control

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