Pest Control in San Mateo, CA

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Dealing with bugs, rodents, and other pests in your home or place of business can be stressful, but thankfully, you’re not alone. PURCOR Pest Solutions is here to help with all of your pest management and exterminator needs. We offer several pest control services with treatments that are proven to be effective and eco-friendly, part of what has earned us a reputation as one of the best pest control companies in San Mateo. Schedule your initial inspection today!

If you see pests come back, so will we.
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San Mateo Pest Control Services

Located right along the San Francisco Bay, San Mateo is home to over 750,000, not counting our neighbors in nearby Bay Area cities. Here in San Mateo, we have plenty of parks, restaurants, and favorite places to cruise along the bay.

Although we do love the great outdoors here in San Mateo, we don’t always love when the outdoor bugs and rodents make their way into our homes. Pests can destroy your peace of mind and bring health risks along with them. If you’re in need of pest control in San Mateo, trust PURCOR to take the lead in eliminating and preventing pests in your home or business.

We handle all kinds of pest control, from San Mateo cockroach control, wasp control, rodent control, and beyond, we’ll help ensure you’re in control of your space. Contact us today to get started.

Areas We Provide Pest Control Services in San Mateo

Our exterminators have the pest control expertise to handle it all, from the intimidating stuff like San Mateo cockroach and spider control to maintenance-based issues like San Mateo ant control. We’re proud to serve our neighbors across California and do pest control inspections and treatments in various neighborhoods of San Mateo, including:

  • North Central
  • Shoreview
  • Hayward Park
  • Beresford Park
  • Hillsdale

PURCOR Pest Solutions and Exterminator Services

Home Pest Control and Business Pest Control in San Mateo, CA

Whatever pests pop up around you, PURCOR can handle them. Our San Mateo pest control services include measures against the following pests:

Although you usually don’t need to be alarmed if the occasional bug makes its way inside your home, even the most common pests can be difficult to deal with in large numbers. If you have a pest infestation brewing or are in immediate need of bug or rodent control in San Mateo, just contact us!

Ant Control and Extermination in San Mateo

Marching into kitchens everywhere in San Mateo in search of food and water, ants are an annoyance that can also result in ruined groceries. PURCOR provides professional ant control in San Mateo so you don’t have to worry about that infestation any longer. Our guaranteed strategies and expert advice can also help you with proactive ant control to prevent it from happening next time.

San Mateo Termite Control

One of the worst things you can discover as a home or business owner is signs of a termite infestation. These little pests can cause a lot of damage, as they eat away at the wood in your building’s foundation until irreparable damage is done. Thankfully, PURCOR Pest Solutions offers options for termite control in San Mateo that will drive out your problem once and for all.

Rodent Control and Extermination in San Mateo

Living in the Bay Area unfortunately means you have to deal with the threat of rodents. That’s why PURCOR Pest Solutions offers expert rodent control in San Mateo. Our exterminators are highly trained and come equipped with all the tools necessary to thoroughly and quickly eliminate mice, rats, and rodents of any size.

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Your pest problems might be intimidating at first, but PURCOR can make removal of bugs, rodents, and any other pests simple for your San Mateo home or workplace. Just contact us to get started with a free online quote.

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