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Pest problems will be a thing of the past in your Fort Lauderdale home when you contact the professionals at PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our extensive and personalized treatments will help you feel safer and more relaxed in your home. Schedule an initial inspection with our team today to receive treatment for termites, wasps, ants, rodents, and other pests. When you need the best pest control in Fort Lauderdale, contact PURCOR Pest Solutions today.

Fort Lauderdale Pest Services

Known as the Yachting Capital of the World, Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a popular spot for anyone interested in residing or vacationing in the Miami metropolitan area. From digging into a good meal to hitting the links at Coral Ridge Country Club, you can always find something to enjoy around this idyllic coastal city’s bustling dining and entertainment scenes.

One thing that no one wants to find in Fort Lauderdale? Cockroaches, rodents, and other unsavory pests. The warm, humid Florida climate, however, is perfect for creeping, crawling, and scurrying invaders ready to invade your home or business. If pests have made your property their next target, PURCOR is here to help with residential and commercial pest control. Experience top-of-the-line pest treatments when you schedule your initial inspection today.

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Home Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale, FL

At the end of a busy day, the last thing you should have to worry about is pests scuttling or flying around your living space, especially when you’re trying to relax at home. When you choose PURCOR’s customized residential pest control solutions, you can count on our Fort Lauderdale pest professionals to safeguard your household.

While do-it-yourself pest control methods may mitigate your infestation in the short term, it takes a team of experienced, dedicated pest control providers to keep pests at bay long-term. In addition to pest control and wildlife removal, we also offer preventative maintenance on a quarterly basis to ensure an infestation never even has a chance to begin.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The second a pest steps into your Fort Lauderdale business, it can spell trouble for your investment. Cockroaches, rats, and other creatures destroy reputations, shut down businesses, and put the health and safety of staff and customers at risk.

When your Fort Lauderdale business is dealing with pests, contact PURCOR. Our team can solve your infestation efficiently and discreetly, and we offer exclusion and preventive programs to ensure critters aren’t repeated offenders.

Rodent Control in Fort Lauderdale

Finding mice and rats throughout your home is never a welcome sight. Not only can these rodents spread diseases, but they can also wreak havoc within the walls of your home and cause many electrical issues.

Rid your home of these scurrying pests and schedule rodent control in Fort Lauderdale today. Our pest specialists are well-equipped to handle rodent problems both inside and outside of your home. Schedule your rodent control services from PURCOR Pest Solutions today.

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Whether you’re in the middle of a pest infestation or suspect one is brewing, the sooner you deal with it, the better. Before your home or business is overrun by pests, contact PURCOR Pest Solutions. We’re proud to offer effective pest control and prevention solutions in Fort Lauderdale and countless other communities in Florida. Give us a call or get a free quote online today!


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PURCOR Pest Control is here to help with comprehensive treatments that work for you. Don’t deal with pests on your own. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and take the first step in eliminating your pest problems.


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Are PURCOR’s Florida pest control treatments pet-friendly?

At PURCOR™ Pest Solutions, we know how much you value the safety of all your loved ones, including your pets. You can rest assured when working with us that they will continue to be protected, as we utilize green, pet-friendly pest control treatments in Fort Lauderdale. You will enjoy total peace of mind when doing business with PURCOR Pest Solutions.

Is professional pest control in Florida worth it?

If you see a bug in your Florida home, odds are you’ll want to squish or remove it right away. However, further DIY pest control solutions simply are not effective enough, including store-bought traps, sprays, and remedies. If you truly want the best results, bring in the pros at PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our treatments are proven to be more effective and thorough than anything you can do yourself.

Does PURCOR offer options for mosquito control in Florida?

Yes! One of the most bothersome and dangerous pests in Florida is the dreaded mosquito, which is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other creature. If you have a problem with mosquitoes in or around your Florida home, don’t hesitate to bring in the pros at PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our service specialists have the tools and knowledge necessary to properly take care of your problem.

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Saw too many roaches at once, and called Purcor. Steve came over, gave us a little tutorial of why and how roaches appear. Very informative and helpful. He took . . .

Doreen Bennett

Our service tech, Owen, always knocks on the door to let us know he’s servicing our home. He’ll always ask if we have any pest issues and will . . .

Linda Sarubbi

As a whole, everyone I interacted with on phone and in person is very friendly and professional. My tech "T" is very knowledgeable and kind and patient. . . .

Marissa Gonzales

Owen is a great tech. Always kind and committed to great service! Communication is always appreciated and we are always informed of his arrival and departure of our property.

Debbie Woodcock

Steven was very prompt and thorough. After explaining what I had seen, he even put a treatment in my drains. I was very pleased with the service.

Karen Woodard

Zachary took the time to answer all the questions we had. Even wiped down spider webs from outside. We’ve had other pest control, never had them do that. Friendly, . . .

Mason Merson

We have used the company even before it became Purcor. They are very attentive. We are serviced every other month, but if we have a question or need them, . . .

Yvonne Trunk

My lawn looks fantastic due to the fabulous work done by Gabby. She is attentive to issues that arise and addresses them immediately. She personally informs me of her . . .

Ingrid Eskeland

Purcor exudes excellence, culture and outstanding customer service. We have experienced this from our initial contact and since then. Their values are consistent and is displayed through every technician, . . .

Nan Charland

Owen does an excellent job. He always notifies me when he is coming to service my home. He is very efficient and courteous.

Virginia Farrell

I had used this firm, under a different name, at my second to last home for years (we were in condo in-between). They were just prompt and . . .

Donna Lee Spinosi

Ive been using his company for over 4 years and new management/ownership recently took over. This is the first time dealing with David. He did a great job. He . . .

Amanda Kimble

Purcor is an excellent pest control service. I have a contract with them and they are always timely and courteous. I would highly recommend them based on their trustworthiness . . .

Karen Cantor

We have used the company even before it became Purcor. They are very attentive. We are serviced every other month, but if we have a question or need them, . . .

Yvonne Trunk

Bill from Purcor just installed the termite bait stations around my home. Bill answered all of my questions, was professional and got the job done quickly and without making . . .

Jennifer Lyons

Scott has been very polite and professional every time he comes to our home. When we got the new puppy always made sure that everything was left safe for . . .

Sue Camara

I’m very impressed by the reliable and professional services provided by Patrick Exterminating. From routine pest control to termite treatment and lawn spraying, they have it all covered. They . . .

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