Burlingame, CA Pest Control

Burlingame, CA, is one of the top cities if you’re looking to be close to the airport. Situated just below SFO, Burlingame is a highly sought-after place to live, with fantastic food and plenty of family-friendly activities. You can enjoy the City of Burlingame Shorebird Sanctuary, take a trip to Washington Park, or, if you want a fun museum, you can check out CuriOdyssey. As with all cities in the Bay Area, occasionally, some uninvited pests come into homes and businesses. When that happens, it’s usually a great idea to have professional pest control.

Burlingame, CA Pest Control: Most Common Pest Types

Burlingame has many of the pests that you can expect from a typical city around the Bay Area. There are three common pests that residents should know about and call for professional Burlingame, CA pest control if they see!


Unfortunately, there are numerous cockroaches in the Bay Area. The German and Oriental cockroaches are among the most common. While these bugs don’t cause problems per se, they’re not pleasant to have around. Our company can remove these, as well, creating barriers to ensure they don’t come back.


Last but not least, mice are relatively common in this part of the state. In the Bay Area, they can live not only inside but outside, too. You might find them in the shrubs, weeds, crawl spaces, or garages. Fortunately, we have extensive experience removing these pests!


Like most places in California, Burlingame is home to the Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders. The Black Widow has venom that can cause significant problems (or even death), and the Brown Recluse, while not as venomous, can still cause a nasty sore upon biting. Bottom line: you don’t want either of these around your home or business!

What Can PURCOR Pest Solutions Do for Me?

Professional Burlingame, CA pest control experts can come into your home or business and accomplish two things: eliminate the current pest problem and use strategic enhancements to your property to ensure these pests don’t return.

If you see any of the pests above or others, like ants, rats, mice, or wasps, please contact your local PURCOR pest solutions experts!

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