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Modesto, CA, has a little bit of everything: it’s a large city with over 200,000 residents and has plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences that come with it. Nestled in the Central Valley and surrounded by beautiful fields and farmland, Modesto is also just a few hours’ drive from some of the largest and most exciting cities in the world. 

Unfortunately, Modesto’s arid climate and all-around pleasant weather mean that there’s not much of an offseason for pest pressures. Mild winters result in constant activity for pests of all shapes and sizes, from bugs and birds to rodents and stinging insects. Fortunately, the pest experts at PURCOR provide high-quality Modesto pest control when you need it. Request an estimate today if you need pest control now. 

Many pests can pose a threat to your health and your property’s integrity. But even relatively harmless pests can easily be a nuisance or cause stress if you spot them when you’re not expecting them. PURCOR treats a wide variety of Modesto pests, including:

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Modesto

Modesto is full of bustling neighborhoods and is surrounded by wonderful suburbs. Pests are more than willing to invade your home or business regardless of your address. Some of the areas in and around Modesto that we serve include:

  • Modesto
  • West Modesto
  • Rouse
  • Bystrom
  • Bret Harte
  • Ceres
  • Empire
  • Hughson
  • Salida
  • McHenry
  • Riverbank
  • Graceada Park
  • Aurora
  • And more!

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Modesto

Ant Control in Modesto, CA

Ant infestations are an all-too-common occurrence in Modesto. These prolific little bugs are always in search of food and water, and if they find that freely available in your home, you may find that they start building and expanding their farms near your property—making the problem even worse. 

While store bought ant remedies are available, many ant infestations are stubbornly persistent and require an expert hand. PURCOR’s Modesto ant control methods are reliable, environmentally friendly, and effective. Plus, they’re carried out by our professionally certified pest control specialists. 

Cockroach Control in Modesto, CA

Finding a cockroach crawling in your kitchen is a horrifying experience. We often think of roaches as a side effect of filth, and while a dirty property can play into a roach infestation, roaches can make their way into your home the same way that other pests do. Cockroaches come in multiple different species and sizes, including the American and German cockroach.

Unfortunately, if you spot a cockroach in your home—especially during the day—it’s likely evidence of an even bigger problem simmering under the surface. Don’t delay, as a roach infestation is likely to get worse and worse without professional intervention. PURCOR provides cockroach control services so that your property can be pest-free. 

Wasp Control in Modesto

Wasps and other stinging insects are usually harmless, but the flip side is that they are occasionally dangerous—especially for those who have allergic reactions to wasp and bee stings, which can result in a trip to the ER in severe cases. Plus, wasps pose a particular threat to children who may not avoid them like they should.

Don’t let wasp nests get in the way of enjoying your patio or backyard. PURCOR’s wasp control services are available for residences as well as businesses looking to maintain a safe and pleasant environment. 

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From preventive pest control to crucial infestation removal services, PURCOR is your go-to choice for Modesto pest control. We provide environmentally-friendly pest control services at affordable prices. Best of all, we also offer fast response times and a free quote, so be sure to contact us today!

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