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Nestled above Hayward and below the Anthony Chabot Regional Park, Castro Valley is
the fifth most populous unincorporated area in all of California. Its population was about 66,000 in 2020. Castro Valley is well-known for its culinary options and numerous parks and recreation activities. Residents and tourists love exploring the Lake Chabot
Regional Park or taking the kids out to play in the Castro Valley Community Park.
Unfortunately, sometimes pests get in the way of these fun activities. Whether these
insects or rodents invade your home or business, Castro Valley, CA pest control can
help you identify your pest issues and remove them once and for all!

What Pests Are Native to the Castro Valley Environment?

Thankfully, we can protect your home or business against all types of pests. We work
diligently to ensure that your family and customers won’t be bothered by pests. Our pest control specialists have experience dealing with many pests, but three in particular plague the Castro Valley area.

Stinging Insects

The Bay Area is home to numerous wasps and other stinging insects. While they provide balance to the ecosystem, they are unfortunately a problem if they locate near your
home or business. Stinging insects can also present a liability problem as they can
cause significant injury. If a wasp stings someone that has an allergy, that could
be a life-threatening condition. As such, if you see any of these insects around your
home or business, don’t delay, call PURCOR Pest Solutions for swift and professional assistance.


Unfortunately, there are countless cockroaches in the Bay Area, including Castro
Valley. The German and Oriental cockroaches are among the most common. These
bugs can drag E. coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria from one food source to
the next.


Like most of California, problematic spiders are in Castro Valley. Especially in warmer
places, black and brown widows can present substantial problems for homes and
businesses. Fortunately, PURCOR has significant experience taking care of these
bugs so you can be worry free.

Contact PURCOR Pest Solutions Today

It is very upsetting to see any of these pests around your home or business. Typically,
professional pest control methods yield fantastic results over the long term. As such, most of the time, calling for professional pest control assistance early on is the best

If you see any pests around your property, please contact us! We’d love to help you
become pest-free as soon as possible!

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