Lake Sarasota, FL

Sunset over the neighbourhood in south florida

Located just east of Interstate 75, Lake Sarasota is a quiet Southwest Florida community that almost 5,000 residents call home. From warm weather throughout the year to being within a short drive from Sarasota Bay, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy living in this tranquil area.

Pests, unfortunately, also thrive in Lake Sarasota’s temperate climate. Whether it’s rats nesting in your attic to cockroaches scuttling through your kitchen in search of food, these unpleasant Southwest Florida residents can make life in Lake Sarasota frustrating for home and business owners. Looking for ways to rid your building of pests? Contact PURCOR for to receive a free estimate for Lake Sarasota pest control services.

Pest Control for Lake Sarasota Homes and Businesses

From food storage to warmth and shelter, there are plenty of things in your Lake Sarasota home that attract pests. With residential pest control services from PURCOR, however, we can create a barrier between unwanted invaders and your family. Our expert technicians can protect your Lake Sarasota property from the following pests:

We also have Lake Sarasota businesses covered with quick, efficient commercial pest control services. Your reputation is your livelihood, which is why we’re committed to providing swift pest control solutions that eliminate and prevent pests from invading. Our licensed technicians can also create a customized prevention program to give you continuous peace of mind for your restaurant, office, or store. 

Termite Control in Lake Sarasota, FL

If you need termite control and removal, look no further than PURCOR. As licensed termite control professionals, we can solve your temite infestation with methods that are safe for your home and target the wood-munching menaces. Once we’ve resolved your termite issue, we can install preventative measures to keep them from returning. 

Contact PURCOR for Lake Sarasota Pest Control Solutions 

When pests invade your Lake Sarasota space, you can depend on PURCOR to get rid of them with our certified technicians and innovative pest control technology. 
Whether you’re dealing with an infestation or suspect pests are scuttling into your basement, attic, and more, contact our team. We’ll provide a free estimate for our services to help you determine what steps to take in eliminating pests. Keep your property pest-free and request your free estimate today!

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