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PURCOR Pest solutions offers expert pest control and exterminator services in Acton, CA. Contact us today to schedule your general pest treatment, or call us for information about rodent control, termite control, bed bug treatment, cockroach control, and more.

Just off the western coast of Florida in Lee County lies the tropical treasure of Sanibel Island. Known for its beautiful, shell-covered beaches touched by the glistening waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel, FL, is a tropical paradise full of relaxing getaways and exciting outdoor excursions. Whether you love tackling water sports at the Causeway Beaches, hiking through the lush greenery at JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, or taking in the history of sites like the 19th century Sanibel Lighthouse, there is something for everyone to enjoy in gorgeous Sanibel.

From the lifelong Sanibel residents to the many visitors to the area, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Finding pests in your home or business is always a terrifying ordeal. Rats, ants, bed bugs, termites, and spiders are fans of the tropical weather just like you are. It’s an environment in which they can thrive year-round.

Whether you’ve been warding off pests for a while already or want to take measures to prevent future infestations on your property, PURCOR’s pest experts are ready to give you the pest control services you need. Request your free estimate online today!

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Sanibel Bed Bug Control Services

Nothing can put a damper on the wonderful tropical vibes like waking up to a trail of bed bug bites. These tiny terrors can be difficult to spot and are even harder to eradicate without the proper tools and training. By the time you spot bed bugs in your home, the infestation is already in full swing. For safe and effective bed bug removal, it’s always best to call in the experts at PURCOR. We’ll give you treatments that resolve your bed bug infestation and provide you with steps to minimize the risk of future problems.

Termite Treatments in Sanibel, FL

Termites thrive in the parts of your home that no one can see, hollowing out the very structure of your property as they feed. This can lead to dangerous living conditions and expensive repair bills. Luckily, the pest control professionals at PURCOR have the equipment and know-how needed to find and eliminate termites from your home for good.

Whether it’s a full-on pest infestation or the anticipation of a pest outbreak on the horizon, when you want to protect your Sanibel home or business from insect and wildlife’s reign of terror, call in PURCOR’s pest professionals. Our certified team of Sanibel pest control experts know the area and how to deal with the unique pests that call the island home, so you won’t have to get your hands dirty dealing with them yourself. Get your free online quote today!


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Damien is great! He’s consistently professional and thorough and easy to talk to when we have questions.

Steve Pruitt

Laila arrived on time. She was very knowledgeable and explained to us the treatment she was using for our pest issue. She texted afterwards with a date for her . . .

Linda Graham

Ryan has been treating our house diligently for several years now. Our house is a real fixer upper (especially after Ian) and we appreciate his willingness to deal with . . .

Betsy Williams

Robert asked me if we were having any issues. I showed him and he said no problem I will take care of it. He wanted me to be . . .

Joan Kentner

Ryan is wonderful the whole team is great definitely helped me deal with the situation after Ian and the fact that I have a lot of mango trees around . . .

Tessa Johnson

always a pleasure to feal with her. very professional and personable i am on a regular servoce plan and hope i get her each time. great representative of your company. . . .

leonard teitelbaum

Chris does a very thorough job spraying the house. If you ask him questions, he gives you an informative answer. He's very customer oriented and professional.

Paul Marasco

Roach extermination. Chris was patient, thorough, answered all my questions (there were many) and made himself available via text messaging to follow up.

Stan Sikorski

Ryan was very fast, respectful & kind. He does a fabulous job every month!

Diana Wilkinson

Drew is the best! Not only pleasant, but does such a thorough job I would like to see him on my next service. Thank you ..: A plus

Rick Tarin

Chris is always very nice, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and dependable. We appreciate his great service to always get the job well done!!

Cindy R. Grady

Robert is an excellent asset to the Purcor Company. The only tech I’d wish to do our lawn service.

Debbi Levy

Great customer service and professionalism each time he is at the property! Thank you for your assistance in keeping our high rise condo lovely!

Ashley Cleary

Called yesterday about ants and Ryan came out today, called me when he was on the way. Very friendly and helpful service.

Anne Kearns

Ryan has been treating our house diligently for several years now. Our house is a real fixer upper (especially after Ian) and we appreciate his willingness to deal with . . .

Betsy Williams

Thanks again to Hurricane Ian, the total destruction of our community has led to a horrible rat infestation. To those of us trying to rebuild and replace, we . . .

Robin Venturin