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Home of one of the most prestigious universities in the Bay Area, Berkeley, CA, is one
of the most sought-after areas in the entire region. Situated just north of Oakland,
residents can enjoy a lovely day at the Berkeley Art Museum, tour the Lawrence Hall of
Science, or take the kids for a fun time at the Adventure Playground. And, of course,
after all that, you can catch a show at The Greek Theatre. Indeed, Berkeley is one of
the best places to live and work in the entire country. Unfortunately, pests can
sometimes make it difficult to enjoy all these fun activities.

If you are experiencing a pest issue, it may be time to enlist the help of PURCOR Pest Solutions.

What Pests Are Found in Berkeley, CA?

There are numerous pests in the Berkeley, CA area. You’ll find spiders, ants,
cockroaches, wasps, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, rodents, and many more lurking
around in homes and businesses throughout the city. While all these pests can cause
unique problems, there are three pests, in particular, that Berkeley residents need to


Spiders are a significant problem throughout most of California. Indeed, these arachnids
are not only ugly to look at, but they are also potentially poisonous (the Black Widow
and the Brown Recluse, in particular). Therefore, if you spot an overabundance of
spiders inside your home or around your property, it may be time to give a professional
Berkeley, CA pest control company a call to have them removed!


There’s a significant amount of foliage in the Berkeley area. While it is beautiful to look
at, it’s also a prime target for wasps. While these insects are usually harmless,
they can cause a painful sting when they feel threatened. And, unfortunately, since
some people are allergic to these stings, they can quickly become life-threatening
emergencies in rare circumstances.


Cockroaches are not only ugly, but they are disease vectors, too. They often carry E.coli and salmonella from one food source to another. Unfortunately, these bugs are
incredibly challenging to eliminate because they multiply so quickly. As such, it’s
essential to use a professional pest control service early on to remove the roaches and
ensure they cannot get a strong hold in your home again.

Berkeley, CA Pest Control: Get Help Removing These Pests!

With most pests, getting help is the best way to go. While there are some methods to
remove pests yourself, they seldom work as well as professional pest
control services. If you see pests in your home, don’t risk your health any longer – give
PURCOR a call instead to remove these pests from your home or business.

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