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When you stand on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, insects and rodents may never cross your mind. When you’re in your home or business, you still don’t want pests to keep you preoccupied—but that may be all you can think about if you’re dealing with an infestation or are worried about preventing one.

At PURCOR, our professional team of pest control specialists is here to restore your peace of mind. For residential or commercial pest control services in Hollywood, CA, PURCOR has your back! With comprehensive, environmentally responsible integrated pest management methods, you’ll be pest-free in no time, and our quarterly services will keep them gone.

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Areas We Provide Pest Control in Hollywood

We provide pest control services for residents and businesses of many areas throughout Hollywood, including:

  • Spaulding Square
  • West Hollywood
  • Hollywood Heights
  • Whitley Heights
  • Hollywood Dell
  • Thai Town
  • Litter Armenia
  • East Hollywood
  • Oakwood

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Hollywood, CA

Home and Business Pest Control in Hollywood, CA

There’s no need to let insects or wildlife weigh you down when your local team of PURCOR Pest Solutions’ professionals is just a phone call away. Regardless of how large an infestation you may have, how big a home you want to be treated, or how busy a business may be that needs our services, we are proud to serve the Hollywood community for all sorts of pest control problems.

We treat a variety of common pests, including:

With so many pests to worry about, it’s hard for one person to protect their home or business against them all. While there are many common measures you can take to help keep pests from entering, once an infestation has gotten settled in, it can be especially difficult to exterminate without professional intervention.

Lawn Care Services in Hollywood, CA

When your lawn is healthy and well maintained, it looks good and deters pests as well! Healthy plants are less susceptible to many garden pests, which means that fewer pests will spend time on your lawn and even fewer will find their way into your home or business. PURCOR offers lawn care services to restore and maintain your lawn, including weed control, disease control, lawn fertilization, and insecticide application.

Hollywood Rodent Removal and Control Services

Where people gather, rodents tend to follow. They help themselves to your garbage, pantry, cupboards, basement, and more. Besides being greasy, dirty, and potentially carrying disease, rodents can also cause damage to your structure and leave behind droppings. PURCOR’s wildlife removal services will have them out quickly, and measures will be implemented to keep them out.

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The sooner you contact PURCOR Pest Solutions, the sooner our team will be there and have your home pest-free. With the most up-to-date practices and technology, your home or business in Hollywood, CA, will need fewer applications to remain safe. Get in touch with us today!

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