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Nestled between the mountains and hills of Southern California, Moreno Valley is the second largest city in Riverside County with a population of over 208,000. With trails dating back to Spanish exploration and many prehistoric archaeological sites, Moreno Valley is rich in history. Being within driving distance of many state parks and Los Angeles proper gives Moreno Valley residents many opportunities to have adventures.

Unfortunately, being between the city and nature means Moreno Valley residents must deal with urban and rural pests. Rodents, termites, and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that can plague your home or business.

Don’t tolerate pests or infestations. Choose PURCOR’s pest control services. Request your free estimate online today.

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Moreno Valley

At PURCOR, we proudly offer service to many neighborhoods across Moreno Valley, including:

  • Sunnymead Ranch
  • Monterey
  • Mandalay
  • Mountain View
  • Via Verde
  • Box Springs
  • Edgemont
  • And more

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Moreno Valley

Home and Business Pest Control in Moreno Valley, CA

Do you have ants in your kitchen or cockroaches in your storeroom? You don’t have to face these pervasive pests alone. PURCOR’s pest professionals have a full service control, removal, and prevention program for your home or business. Our Southern California teams have plans for pests including:

While you can take steps to reduce your risk of infestations, real protection requires professionals. Choose PURCOR’s preventive maintenance to keep your home and business pest free.

Moreno Valley Termite Control Services

Termites can be one of the most devastating pests in Moreno Valley. With their tendency to go unseen and eat the wood that makes up your home or business, you need to take termites seriously. At PURCOR, we offer Moreno Valley termite inspections and treatments that will keep your home safe from wood-eating pests.

Rodent Control in Moreno Valley, CA

When a rat scurries across your path in your home or business, you may be seeing the first signs of a major infestation. Rats and other rodents are prolific breeders, and your home or business is one of their favorite places to find food. They can also cause a lot of damage by gnawing on just about everything. PURCOR offers preventive and removal services so you can rid yourself of your rodent problems. Get your free rodent control estimate today!

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Whether you have rats in your attic or termites in your walls, PURCOR’s pest professionals have a solution for you! Get your free estimate today and let us put those pests in their places.

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