Pest Control in Palm Desert, CA

A beautiful aerial of Palm Springs and Palm Desert taking during a gorgeous blue-sky morning with 25+ miles of visibility.

Located in the heart of Greater Palm Springs, Palm Desert sits at the foot of the Santa Rosas and has grown into a sprawling shopping, entertainment, and recreation mecca. Enjoy state-of-the-art performance venues, award-winning golf courses, and one of the top-ranked zoos in the country, the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens.

The only attraction that Palm Desert residents and business owners don’t want to spend their time experiencing? Pests. Scorpions, cockroaches, and other unwelcome creatures are just as drawn to Palm Desert’s climate and entertainment life as people are.

Whether you’ve got rats rummaging in your garbage or termites gnawing through your walls, defend your space with Palm Desert’s best pest control service providers.

PURCOR Pest Solutions Removal Services

Home and Business Pest Control in Palm Desert, CA

When it comes to pest issues, PURCOR Pest Solutions’ professionals are committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve. From a few unwanted raccoons scurrying around your Coachella Valley backyard to an entire swarm of ants invading your Rancho Mirage restaurant, you can count on our team for residential and commercial pest control solutions for the following Palm Desert critters and more:

Palm Desert Scorpion Control Services

You may be okay with a few wolf spiders creeping around your garage, but scorpions should never have a place in your home. While their venomous sting may only cause swelling and pain for adults, it may be deadly for children and the elderly. Talk to our team today to learn how we can safeguard you and your loved ones from scorpions in Palm Desert. 

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Take your home back from pests or prevent them from getting into your business with PURCOR Pest Solutions in Palm Desert, CA. Our mission has and always will be to provide relief from flying, stinging, biting, or crawling invaders. To receive a quote or schedule a service appointment with our pest professionals, contact us today!

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