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Salem, OR—nicknamed the Cherry City—is the capital of Oregon. With nearly 200,000 residents, Salem is the second-most populous city behind Portland. Despite being smaller than Portland, Salem hosts a variety of music, art, and food festivals and is home to several museums, including the state capitol that houses art by Oregon artists. In the midst of taking in so much culture, the last thing you want to encounter is pests.

If pests are pestering your home or business, you need the experts at PURCOR™. Using our integrated pest management (IPM) methods, we will develop a pest control solution tailored to your unique situation. Give us a call to get your free pest control quote today!

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Salem

Home and Business Pest Control in Salem, OR

A pest invasion can threaten your peace of mind or even tarnish your business’s reputation. With PURCOR, you can fight back against your creepy-crawly foes. Our knowledgeable Salem pest control professionals will identify your pest infestation, isolate points of entry, and recommend preventative measures you can take to avoid future issues. From rodents setting up camp in your attic to silverfish slipping into your bathroom, PURCOR can handle it all.

We have helped numerous homes and businesses address common pest problems, including:

Salem, OR, Crawlspace Services

Crawlspaces can be a hotbed for mold, pests, and more. No matter if your crawlspace needs to be inspected, cleaned, or outfitted to prevent moisture, PURCOR can help! After a thorough inspection, we will determine which moisture remediation method is right for your crawlspace. We will even repair damage from a previous wildlife invasion. If your crawlspace needs more insulation, cleaning, or repair, call PURCOR in Salem, OR.

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You never have to worry when you call PURCOR. Our service specialists have a combined 100+ years of experience identifying and eliminating pests in Salem homes and businesses. Count on one of the most trusted pest control companies in the Northwest. Contact us today to schedule your free quote with one of PURCOR’s pest control professionals!

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