Pest Control in Pompano Beach, FL

Located north of Fort Lauderdale in the Miami metro area, Pompano Beach is a go-to suburb for lovers of the water. Serviced by the long Pompano Beach Pier as well as the Hillsboro Lighthouse, the beach itself is a sunny wonderland that touches the Atlantic Ocean. And with a population of over 100,000, Pompano Beach has a little something for everyone.

Of course, that “something for everyone” also applies to area pests, like rodents, bugs, and birds. These treacherous, unwanted critters are more than happy to invade your home. Whether you’ve got rodents trashing your previously clean attic or you keep finding armies of ants going into your pantry, the pest experts at PURCOR can help get rid of pests. Whether you’ve got a current pest problem or are terrified of a future infestation, you don’t have to tolerate it. Request your free pest control estimate and put PURCOR on the job.

If you see pests come back, so will we.
That’s our guarantee.

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Pompano Beach

PURCOR proudly offers pest control and removal services to several neighborhoods in and around Pompano Beach, including:

  • Kendall Green
  • Pompano Beach Highlands
  • Lighthouse Point
  • Hillsboro Beach
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Imperial Point
  • Sea Ranch Lakes

PURCOR Pest Removal Services

Home and Business Pest Control in Pompano Beach, FL

You expect your south Florida home to be safe and sound, but pests have other ideas. Cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, ants, and even bats can make their way into your home to give you a scare—and even represent a potential health risk. While pests may be an unusual sight for you, they’re nothing new for PURCOR. Our environmentally friendly residential pest control services are designed with you in mind.

Some of the most common pests in Pompano Beach include:

Business owners in particular know all too well how important it is to stay pest-free. When your reputation and profitability hinge on it, it’s imperative to find the best Pompano Beach commercial pest control around. PURCOR is proud to provide powerful business pest control to Pompano Beach businesses. 

Pompano Beach and South Florida Termite Treatment

Termites are often invisible until it’s too late. With their propensity to eat wood from the inside out, they can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you suspect termite damage, whether it’s subterranean, dampwood, or drywood termites, it’s important that you contact PURCOR for our termite control and termite treatment services. We’ll address the little bugs already on your property, identify any damage they’ve done, and help you prevent another infestation in the future.

Pompano Beach Rodent Control Services

That little scratching sound you hear at night just might be a rat, mouse, or other rodent in your walls or attic. Not only can rodents cause damage to your home, but they can also pose a fire risk. Plus, they’re notorious disease carriers. PURCOR’s rodent control services are designed to solve the problem at the source. We’ll help repair damage so that any rodent infestation is the last one.

Get Your Free Pompano Beach Pest Control Quote Today

Haunted by roaches? Do wasps have you seeing red? Desperate for some peace? You don’t have to live with pests when there’s an alternative: affordable Pompano Beach pest control from PURCOR. We’re experts at pest control, and our certified, fearless pest control technicians can help deal with the scariest pests that may be infesting your home. Take back your happiness and your house from bugs, birds, bees, bats, and anything else that crawls or scurries. Give us a call to schedule your service today!

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