Bayshore Gardens, FL

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As one of Florida’s best examples of the Mid-Century Modern architecture trend, Bayshore Gardens is filled with schools, churches, hospitals, and homes reflective of the 1950s’ most popular architectural styles. Located just south of Bradenton and north of Sarasota, nearly 17,000 people call the community of Bayshore Gardens home. 

Much like other parts of the state, the mild winters and hot summers in this area make it a popular destination for both tourists and pests. If you’ve noticed signs of unwelcome invasive species like bed bugs, ants, roaches, or termites, contact PURCOR for your pest control needs. Give us a call to request a free quote today. 

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Bayshore Gardens, FL

If you’re in the market for a Bayshore Gardens ant exterminator or are worried about the cost and impact of termite treatment on your home or business, you’re not alone. Pest problems that are left unchecked can grow from minor nuisances into expensive issues that could cost you thousands of dollars. 

When you call PURCOR for your pest control needs, our technicians will inspect your property, determine the type of pest invasion, and develop a targeted treatment plan.

In addition to insects and spider extermination, our pest professionals are trained to handle wildlife control issues, too. From chattering squirrels to rummaging raccoons, we can help. Common pests we can take care of in Bayshore Gardens include:

Bayshore Gardens Termite Control

Wondering why your floorboards keep creaking? It may be termites. While you may be able to catch mice or cockroaches in the act of raiding your kitchen, termites can quietly chew their way through your home–and often without being noticed until it’s too late. Before termites take a bite out of your home, choose PURCOR’s targeted termite control solutions. 

Lawn Care Service in Bayshore Gardens

An overgrown lawn is often one of the number one risk factors for pest infestation for homes and businesses. If you’ve noticed unruly weeds in your grass or brush that needs trimmed back, PURCOR can help. Our lawn care services can help keep your lawn weed-free and reduce the number of hiding spaces where pests are likely to find a safe place to feed and breed. 

Request Your Free Bayshore Gardens Pest Control Estimate

If you’ve noticed signs of pests in your Bayshore Gardens home or business, don’t hesitate to contact your friendly pest professionals at PURCOR. We can help identify and provide solutions for nearly any pest problem, from wildlife infestations to termite and bed bug treatments. Call PURCOR to get your free quote or schedule your appointment online today!

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