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Situated within the Amador Valley of Alameda County, Dublin is a lovely place to work and raise a family. There are numerous parks, shopping centers, and, of course, the BART Station that connects Dublin with the rest of the Bay Area. Residents love Dublin, CA, for various reasons, including that it is a little less hectic than living in one of the cities right by San Francisco Bay.

Dublin’s a beautiful place for people to live, but, unfortunately, its hotter temperatures and proximity to multiple nature preserves make it a prime location for pests to live. Thankfully, PURCOR will make these issues a thing of the past.

PURCOR Pest Solutions: What Critters Live in Dublin?

Since Dublin is more inland, it has a slightly different set of pests than many other parts of the Bay Area. In particular, there are three main pests that Dublin residents will encounter.


During periods of heavy rain, rodents can be a substantial problem in Dublin. Field mice will frequently come into residential neighborhoods seeking shelter and refuge. Indeed, mice can be particularly problematic for homes and businesses that back up to open spaces.

Fortunately, we have extensive experience keeping rodents under control and ensuring they won’t disrupt your home or business. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the property and take care of any mice or other rodents living on it.


Spiders are pretty common in Dublin. In particular, black widow spiders can be problematic for residents and customers. Finding black widows is challenging because they are nocturnal and can hide in tiny places. The Bay Area is also home to the brown widow, which has a less lethal bite but is nonetheless quite painful on its own.

We’ll work to identify and eliminate any spider problems you may have. Plus, we’ll create a plan to ensure you don’t have spiders invade your property again!


Ants can be a significant problem in Dublin. Thanks to the location, it’s not challenging to attract ants to your property. Whether outside or inside, these tiny insects can pose problems. Fortunately, the professionals at PURCOR have extensive expertise in eliminating these!

Dublin, CA Pest Control Services

Of course, we also work to eliminate pests not listed above, including:

· Fleas

· Sowbugs

· Earwigs

· Silverfish

· Cockroaches

· Mosquitoes

· Wasps

Please get in touch with us and let our experts handle your pest problem for you and implement a plan not to have to worry about those critters in your home or business again!

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