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Known for its nightlife scene, art galleries, and shopping, Miami Beach is a must-see destination. You can enjoy an afternoon of shopping in the Design District, at the Fountainebleau shopping mall, or hit the links at the Miami Beach Golf Club! Additionally, South Pointe Beach is the perfect spot for residents and vacationers alike to enjoy the sun and sand.

Unfortunately, vacationers are not the only visitors flocking to the area. Many pests are attracted to Miami Beach’s tropical climate. When you need to send unwanted guests packing, PURCOR Pest Solutions has a variety of pest control solutions to control and prevent pest issues in your home or business.


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Miami Beach Termite Inspections and Treatment

Termites are not only pesky invaders; they can also cause severe damage to your home. They burrow into and feed on wooden structures, ruining their appearance and compromising their structural integrity. If not treated properly, termite damage can be a threat to your living space and wallet.

Our pest control professionals at PURCOR use a variety of termite treatments depending on the level of infestation. Not unsure if you’re dealing with termites? Our baiting treatment can help lure them out, both confirming the termite issue and trapping them. For more intense termite infestations, we have liquid and chemical treatments that target termite colonies at their source and do not require trenching or drilling in your yard.


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If you think you have a pest infestation, call PURCOR Pest Solutions in Miami Beach, FL. Our team will thoroughly inspect your home or business and recommend the best treatment option based on your unique environment. After initial treatment, we’ll set you up with an ongoing pest control program to prevent further infestations.

For additional peace of mind for your home, we offer lawn care and weed abatement! Keep invasive plants and unpleasant pests from setting up shop in your yard with our committed lawn care and pest control specialists.

When you’re ready to shield your Miami Beach living space or workplace from pests and wildlife, you can count on PURCOR. Solve or prevent your pest issues with our team; request your free estimate today!


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