Puyallup Pest Control and Exterminators

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For general pest control or immediate help with a pest issue, call PURCOR Pest Solutions! Our trained technicians provide expert pest control services in Puyallup, including rodent control, cockroach control, termite control, and more. It’s time to fight back against pests in Puyallup— call PURCOR today!

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Puyallup Pest Control and Exterminators

A city of rich history, Puyallup is the place to go for unique festivals and events, like the famous Washington State Fair and the cherished Daffodil Festival. Alongside Puyallup’s one-of-a-kind celebrations, residents of all ages enjoy the city’s many scenic parks, such as Pioneer Park and Wildwood Park.

While residents undoubtedly enjoy Puyallup’s natural scenery, the city’s gorgeous wooded areas can also create an ideal environment for pests. PURCOR is here to help you maintain a pest-free home with our reliable pest control in Puyallup.

PURCOR is the only name you need to remember when you’re searching for an exterminator in Puyallup. Contact us for a free quote today and get rid of those annoying pests once and for all. You can also give us a call for quick service.

Termite Control in Puyallup, WA

Don’t let termites damage your Puyallup home. PURCOR can help you battle these tireless pests who work 24/7, attacking your home without you even seeing them. Our experts offer Puyallup termite control for a variety of species, including drywood termites and subterranean termites.

We tailor your termite extermination plan to your home’s needs and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our termite control or other pest control services. Not only will we work to eradicate existing termites, but our pest control experts will also help you prevent future infections.

Puyallup Ant Control

When you’re enjoying a temperate afternoon in your yard or cooking a meal in your kitchen, the last thing you want to deal with is an ant infestation. 

PURCOR’s pest specialists provide ant control for several species, including Puyallup’s most common species: carpenter ants and odorous house ants. Not sure which ants you’re up against? Check out our pest library, which includes several ant species, pictures, and common behaviors. Since ants are so small, our experts can help you discern which species is in your home.

Effective Residential and Commercial Pest Services

PURCOR provides a variety of products and services, including both residential and commercial pest control solutions. Our residential pest control and extermination services will help you reclaim your home or lawn from annoying pests.

If your business is dealing with a pest problem, PURCOR can help with that, too. We provide commercial pest control for many pests that can interfere with your business, such as roaches, bed bugs, and rodents. Our commercial exterminator services can help a variety of different businesses, such as:

  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Multifamily Communities
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Locations
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Puyallup

PURCOR provides Washington pest control services in Pierce County and beyond, including several Pullyap communities, such as:

  • Summerwood Park
  • Hillsboro
  • Shalimar
  • South Hill
  • And many more!

We’re also honored to offer pest control in many Washington communities surrounding Puyallup, including:

Get Your Free Quote from PURCOR Pest Solutions

PURCOR is here to help you stay pest-free with our local pest control solutions in Puyallup. Our experts can work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for many types of pests, such as ants, termites, roaches, rodents, and more.

Not sure which pest is hiding in your home? Explore our pest library, which can help you pinpoint the exact species of pest you’re facing. When you’re dealing with an infestation, our residential pest control services will help you regain peace of mind in your Puyallup home. Or, we can help you get rid of pests in your commercial space before pests harm your business’s bottom line.

Contact us for a free quote on our pest control services, or give us a call today to schedule an inspection!

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(4.7/5) 1071 Reviews

Quinton came out and took care of my wasp broblem and also treated the perimeter of my house and garage. He was very courteous and respectful. He answered all . . .

Theresa G

I’ve been w Purcor for over 8 yrs & they have always been great to deal with. Great service great product & best at keeping lawn looking great & . . .

Scott G

Our tech explained services that were being completed and did a thorough job. Additionally, appreciated the heads up that he was headed our way to make sure our furry kids . . .

Tabatha Johnson

We have had Taylor before and he is always very professional. Taylor has done an excellent job everytime he has done our service. Highly recommend him.

Leah G

As for Michael to be your service tech. He is very knowledgeable and great at his job. Happy with the service and the pricing. We have a . . .

teri shafer

My technician, Kyle, is an extremely pleasant and professional young man. He always lets me know when to expect his visit and he always reliably shows up. . . .

Terry Fischer

Jason is friendly, answers all of my questions and is knowledgeable in all things pests. But most of all, if I ask him to check the crawl space or . . .

Vicky M

PURCOR always provides great service. I’ve been using them for the last two years. Our technician Danny is always on time and finishes with all the pests services quickly. . . .

Amber Hanson

In the process of having roofers look at our roof for replacement, three (3) hives were detected in our attic. We called PURCOR on Friday and early Monday . . .

Marilyn Mattson Eastby

Brandon has always been thorough in not only checking rodent stations and spraying to prevent insects but inspects the house as he's going for any other issues with rodents . . .

Carl Lambert

Quinton was great! Texted before arriving, greeted me and my barking dog politely when he arrived, did a thorough job, and let me know when he was finished. He . . .

Margaret Conley

PURCOR Pest Solutions has provided care for my trees and shrubs for a number of years. The company always calls and leaves a message when they will be . . .

Marianne Lindsey

Service is tailored for your needs. Technicians are professional and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. Thanks for explaining everything Kyle!

Victor Galaviz

Ryan was out yesterday at our home for the first time and did a very nice and thorough job. He was a complete pro and represented the company . . .

Ron N

As far as I know Jason did a good job. I don’t recall discussing if there were any issues. By the time he arrived, it was getting dark and . . .


Michael was great and deserves a tip. How would I know what was done? Once again I have asked to only have service when I am home on Wednesdays . . .

Kris McCann

Met Rebekah as she pulled up in her truck. She asked if there were any problems or concerns. I gave her a quick rundown and she said she'd make . . .

Mike Conaboy

Cory did a great job on our regular service! He was friendly and thorough, and made sure to ask us if we had any special concerns. He’s the best!!! . . .

Alexis Charbonneau

Kyle was great! I have had three different Purcor folks come out to address an issue with carpenter ants and they’ve all been very helpful, but Kyle was particularly . . .

Rosie Leutzinger

My dogs and I stumbled into a yellow jacket nest in my yard. I called PURCOR and they sent Taylor out within days. Thank you Taylor for such a . . .

Kris Krusemark

Jason allowed me to follow him while we checked the rodent traps, this experience was very informative. He was very efficient and timely for his remaining spraying tasks. Jason . . .

Vince Diaz

Kyle is the best! He always takes time and really helps us around our property. He is detail oriented and really kind! Thank you for being a great guy! . . .

Rachel Madryga

Our technician John Taylor does a great job! Knows exactly the areas of my home to pay special attention. Hardly ever know when he is here for he goes . . .

Walter Laughridge

Taylor and Phil did an excellent job dealing with multiple paper wasp nests and spraying the perimeter of the house. They educated me on paper wasps and told me . . .

Susan House

Purcor Pest Solutions are always on time, friendly and thorough. They come quarterly but if we ever have issues with anything between our quarterly services, they are quick to . . .

Shannon Tetley Johnson

Kyle the technician did a very thorough job with our quarterly service and also found where the ants were coming in to the house. We have been with Purcor . . .

Linda Mccutcheon

As a result of setting up traps like I asked them to there was an (odor)problem. It wasn't my scheduled service time yet,however they sent Michael 2 weeks early . . .

Eric Wiltse

The technician I think he was Kyle, helped so much, my back went out and he helped me get to the house and pushed the wheelbarrow back to the . . .

Lynne Ferguson

Danny is always reliable. He answers any questions I may have patiently. He is respectful of our home, family and pets. Purcor, Danny and Graham I highly recommend. They . . .

Elizabeth Amato

Brandon from PURCOR made things so smooth and easy this morning! He was very friendly and efficient. I appreciated how he took the time to answer any and all . . .

Rebecca Davis

The guys who come are always very kind and respectful. I appreciate that they are always happily willing to answer my 10 year-old’s many questions from types or bugs . . .

Jessica K

Ryan arrived and was professional and friendly. He clearly advised what he was going to do and would advise if issues were found. He was quick and . . .

Max Pascoe

I called Taylor a Super Hero today when he helped us with a huge hornets nest. What an adrenaline rush to handle big situations like that. He’s always so . . .


The Service Tech, Kyle, was stellar. Our cabin is hard to find and GPS is not accurate. He helped me determine what additional information was needed for navigation and . . .

Laurie Martinelli