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Situated north of San Jose, Milpitas has long been a highly sought-after place to live and work. With numerous tech companies, like SanDisk, headquartered there, numerous attractions, like LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and fantastic food options, Milpitas is a beautiful city for those young and old. There are many parks, hiking spots, and, of course, you’re close to all the attractions that the rest of the Bay Area has to offer! Like all cities in the Bay Area, Milpitas residents and businesses occasionally deal with pest problems. When that happens, having high-quality Milpitas, CA pest control services will help you get rid of these problems!

Milpitas, CA Pest Control: What Pests Live in the City?

Milpitas residents and business owners may encounter many different pests. In particular, residents might find:

· Cockroaches

· Rodents

· Wasps

· Ants

· Spiders

· And more!

While getting professional pest control services may be necessary for each of the pests listed above, two problems frequently require immediate assistance.

Wasps, and Other Stinging Insects

Wasps and other stinging insects can present a significant problem for business owners and homeowners. Wasp stings, in particular, can be fatal if someone has an allergy to them. And, since they’re not entirely typical, sometimes people don’t know they have an allergy until it happens. Therefore, if you see any of these insects on your property, you should call for professional pest control services as soon as possible. PURCOR professionals can locate the source of the problem and safely remove the insects from your property.


Like most of California, the Bay Area is not immune to problematic spiders. Especially in warmer places like Hayward, CA, black and brown widows can present problems for homes and businesses. We can take care of these and ensure they stay away for good.

How Can PURCOR Help You?

PURCOR pest experts can help you remove pests and help provide ways to ensure they don’t come back again. Our experts work using a two-step process: remove and block. The first part focuses solely on what’s necessary to get rid of the current pest infestation. Once they remove the current problem, these specialists know what to do to block these pests from coming back.

If you have seen any of these pests or others, please contact us!

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