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The rural town of Patterson, CA, provides an opportunity for an active lifestyle with plenty to explore in the beautiful Diablo Range. As the Apricot Capital of the World, Patterson produces an abundance of apricots, walnuts, and almonds each year attracting many visitors to their annual Apricot Fiesta. 

Not only does this produce bring in many visitors to the area, but it also unfortunately attracts many bugs and rodents. From mosquitoes wreaking havoc on your outdoor parties to rodents gnawing away at the wires within the walls of your home, the sight of these pests is never a welcome one. PURCOR is here to help with comprehensive pest control solutions for residents of the Patterson area. Request your free estimate to get started today!

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Patterson

PURCOR offers pest control services across the entire 95363 area code. Not only can we help you rid your Patterson property of pesky spiders, mice, and ants, but we can also provide services to residents in Grayson and Westley. When you are ready to schedule your next appointment, contact us for quality pest control in Patterson, Westley, and Grayson today.

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Patterson

Home and Business Pest Control in Patterson

Whether you are trying to get rid of an ant problem in your kitchen or you need to stop the gophers from eating up your garden, PURCOR has you covered with residential pest control in Patterson. With regular quarterly pest services, our trained technicians will give your home a thorough inspection and provide quality treatments to rid your home of pests. Rest assured that you will be offered the best pest control services for the following pests:

In addition to pest control for your home, PURCOR also provides commercial pest control services. We understand how important it is to keep your customers and employees safe. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions no matter what kind of pest you are dealing with. We want to help you protect your property from pests and keep production running smoothly.

Rodent Control in Patterson

While rats and mice can appear to be cute and cuddly, the damage they cause in your home or business can be costly and dangerous. That’s why it’s essential to call PURCOR for rodent control in Patterson. Our licensed professionals are ready to control and remove rodents from your property so you don’t have to worry about these pesky creatures contaminating your food supply, chewing through wires in your walls, or gnawing away at wooden floorboards.

Patterson Spider Control

The appearance of our eight-legged friends can sometimes bring forth feelings of dread and nervousness as you try to find a way to rid your house of spiders. Luckily, PURCOR is here to help with spider control services for Patterson residents. While most spiders do not pose a health threat to humans, there are a few species that have a venomous bite and can cause life-threatening harm. It is important to let the professionals at PURCOR handle any spider problem you may be having. Team up with the experienced professionals at PURCOR for the best spider control services in Patterson.

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Whether you have ants munching on the inventory at your downtown restaurant or ticks that hitched a ride to your home after a hike through the Diablo Range, our trained technicians at PURCOR can help. Contact us for Patterson pest control today!

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