Pest Control in Union City, CA

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Looking for some peace and quiet outside of San Jose and San Francisco? Head to Union City, CA. Home to 75,000 residents, Union City boasts beautiful parks, a diverse arts and culture scene, and a pleasant climate. As a suburb of larger cities like San Jose and San Francisco, Union City offers a small-town feel without sacrificing the convenience of larger cities.

Just like its metropolitan neighbors, however, Union City constantly faces the threat of pests. Cockroaches, rodents, and other unsavory creatures invade homes and businesses in search of food and shelter. No matter how clean your living space or workplace may be, pests and wildlife can strike at any moment.

Strike back at unwanted visitors; contact PURCOR Pest Solutions! It’s our mission to provide peace of mind and effective pest control in Union City, CA.

Areas We Provide Pest Control in Union City

To truly control and prevent pests and wildlife, you have to understand the environment they live in. As a local pest control provider, PURCOR Pest Solutions only hires certified pest control technicians who truly know the area they serve. Communities we know and serve around Union City include:

  • Union City East
  • Union City Southwest
  • Union City West
  • Casa Verde Park
  • And more

PURCOR Pest Removal Services in Union City

Home and Business Pest Control in Union City, CA

Whether you’re a homeowner or entrepreneur, PURCOR Pest Solutions is dedicated to shielding your property from pests. We proudly offer residential and commercial pest control in Union City! Keep rats away from your kitchen, or kick cockroaches out of your bed and breakfast with our certified pest control technicians. Other Union City pests we offer services for include:

Union City Carpenter Ant Control

Your floors creak, your wall paint peels, and you’ve noticed discarded insect wings around your home; these are just a few warning signs of a growing carpenter ant infestation. Unlike noisy rodents or scuttling cockroaches, homeowners often overlook carpenter ants until it’s too late. Before carpenter ants cost you countless dollars in damage, contact PURCOR Pest Solutions. We offer carpenter ant control in Union City to keep these wood-destroying menaces at bay.

Cockroach Control in Union City

Taking care of your home can be overwhelming and time-consuming when you’re fighting off cockroaches. Instead of spending all your time smacking at cockroaches with a shoe, let us take the lead. PURCOR offers cockroach control, so you can enjoy your living space with peace of mind. 

Request Your Free Union City Pest Control Quote Today!

Whether you’re a lifelong resident, or you’ve just opened a store in town, you deserve to live in Union City without the threat of pests. At PURCOR Pest Solutions, our mission is to offer effective, targeted pest control to our friends and neighbors. Even if you’re not dealing with pests at the moment, we offer preventive pest control to help you stay that way. When pests come knocking on your door, count on PURCOR Pest Solutions to knock them out. Call us or request a free quote online for Union City pest control!

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