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Hillsboro, OR is located in the Tualatin Valley within the western Portland metro area. Its innovative and high-tech culture merged with plenty of parks and green spaces make it an excellent place to live and work.

Although the natural beauty of Oregon–and the creatures within it—may be remarkable in their own regard, we don’t want nature finding its way into our homes and settling down. Thankfully, you can turn to PURCOR for reliable pest control throughout Hillsboro and the entire western Portland area. Whatever type of infestation you’re dealing with, our Hillsboro pest control experts offer solutions that keep the intruders at bay (and you living peacefully).

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PURCOR offers pest control services to the following neighborhoods and surrounding communities of Hillsboro, OR:






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With PURCOR’s customized pest control solutions in Hillsboro, OR, we treat every home and pest problem like the unique situation it is. You’ll never be offered a cookie-cutter solution when you call our team; our services are targeted and optimized to achieve the best results. Contact us online or over the phone for your Hillsboro pest control quote and service appointment today!


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