Pest Control in Oakland, CA

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Located along the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is a bustling city on the coast of California. You’ll find plenty of parks, waterfront activity, and the University of California Botanical Garden nearby. However, as an area with plenty of green space and water nearby, pests are bound to thrive in the Oakland area. 

When you need quality, reliable pest control in California, PURCOR Pest Solutions has you covered. We offer pest control services for residents, homeowners, and business owners in Oakland and its surrounding communities. Contact our team today for a free estimate!

If you see pests come back, so will we.
That’s our guarantee.

Areas We Provide Pest Control Services in Oakland 

Our team of pest control professionals at PURCOR are proud to provide home and commercial pest control in Oakland. Whether you’re located in North Oakland or the East 14th Street Business District, our team at PURCOR is committed to helping you keep your property pest-free. A few of the Oakland neighborhoods we serve include:

  • West Oakland
  • North Oakland
  • Oakmore
  • Old Oakland
  • Meadow Brook
  • Glenview
  • Longfellow
  • Lakeshore

Home and Business Pest Control Services in Oakland, CA

For many homeowners and business owners, the last problem you probably want to deal with is pest infestation. Let the pest professionals at PURCOR take care of the infestation for you. Our team has the tools to quickly identify pest infestation and create a treatment plan. 

While you may be able to get rid of pests on your own temporarily, there’s a good chance they’ll come crawling back.  A few of the pests we treat in Oakland include:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes
  • And more

Carpenter Ant Control in Oakland

Carpenter ants are not only a nuisance; they are also a threat to the structural integrity of your home. These wood-chewing insects can cause damage to decks, weight-supporting beams, and exterior siding. Even keeping firewood next to the exterior of your home can attract carpenter ants, leading them to enter your house through cracks and crevices. Before carpenter ants chew their way through your home in Oakland, contact our team at PURCOR for a free quote today!

Rodent Control in Oakland

No one enjoys finding a mouse or rat in their home. These disease-ridden, gnawing pests can cause property damage, spread bacteria, and endanger the safety of you and your loved ones. At PURCOR, we have sustainable rodent control and removal solutions to safely and effectively solve your Oakland rat problem.

Oakland Termite Control 

Termites are not a pest to mess around with. Termites are one of the most destructive pest species, causing severe damage to your property. Plus, oftentimes termite infestation goes unnoticed until substantial damage has already occurred. At PURCOR, we have the tools and expertise to quickly identify infestation and eradicate it. Additionally, our preventative pest control solutions can protect your property from future infestation. When you’re looking for termite exterminators, call your local pest pros at PURCOR

Keep Your Home Free of Pests With PURCOR Pest Solutions

When you’re looking for Oakland pest control services, PURCOR has your back. We offer a wide range of pest management services to give you peace of mind and prevent pests from returning.. From initial inspections to quarterly treatments, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get your free quote or schedule an appointment!

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