4 Benefits of Regular Lawn Care Services

A close up of grass in a lawn.

From hosting backyard barbecues to lounging outside on the hammock, summer can be a fun, relaxing time to be a homeowner. If your lawn is overrun with weeds, pests, and untrimmed shrubs, however, your summer cheer can quickly turn into summer chores. 

When your lawn feels more like an unkempt jungle than a fun outdoor space to share with your loved ones, PURCOR can help. We offer a wide range of lawn care services tailored to taking care of your yard. 

On the fence about lawn care services? Discover four common benefits of lawn care service with our team today! You can also contact us additional information about lawn care services near you.  

Lower Chances of Damaging Your Lawn

Feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark every time you try to handle lawn care? You’re not alone. Out of a 1,000 Americans quizzed about proper lawn care, 77% answered 40% or more  of all questions incorrectly. Additionally, 82% of those same participants incorrectly answered 40% or more of all weed control-related questions. 

Without the proper lawn care knowledge, you may accidentally overwater your lawn, improperly treat it for weeds, and deprive your grass of nutrients by giving it the wrong fertilizer. If you’re crunched for time and effort to learn how to properly care for your lawn, PURCOR’s lawn professionals can help. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to maintain your lawn and keep weeds at bay. 

Consistent TLC for Your Lawn 

A PURCOR lawn care specialist fertilizing a lawn.

Summer is the perfect time to take trips, get back into your hobbies, and spend time with loved ones. Taking care of your lawn’s health, however, can take valuable quality time away from the people and activities you care about. But without consistent care and attention, how can you expect your lawn to stay healthy and green?

The answer is simple: professional lawn care services. While you handle mowing every other week, you can count on your team to see to your other lawn care needs. From aeration and fertilization to keeping fire ants, chinch bugs, and other lawn pests away. Contact our team to set up continuous lawn care services for your outdoor space.

Save Your Time and Energy

You may enjoy the summer heat when you’re floating out in the pull, but when it’s time for yard work, sunny weather and a high of 90 degrees sound far less appealing. Depending on when the growing season begins for grass in your climate zone, your lawn care duties may start as early as March and continue well into October or November.

Not looking forward to committing your time or energy to lawn care for the next eight or so months? PURCOR can help. We offer lawn care programs designed to take care of your outdoor property.

Shield Your Yard From Weeds and Pests

A PURCOR specialist pulling up weeds in a customer's lawn.

A lack of lawn care knowledge aren’t the only threats to your outdoor property. Countless weed species and a wide range of pests targets lawns around the United States. Common lawn pests include chinch bugs, grubs, sod webworms, and armyworms. Additionally, a poorly maintained lawn may draw other more serious wildlife and pests, such as rodents and cockroaches

Before these unwanted pests chew their way to your lawn or leave dead, yellow patches of grass throughout your backyard, call PURCOR Pest Solutions. Our targeted lawn pest control services provide the peace of mind and protection that you deserve.

Take Care of Your Lawn with PURCOR

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. When you need lawn care specialists you can rely on, choose PURCOR Pest Solutions. We offer weed abatement and lawn care tailored to your property’s unique needs. Whether ornamentals near your house need trimming to discourage wildlife from climbing onto the roof, or your grass needs more nutrients, contact our team

Dealing with pests inside your home, too? Skip the do-it-yourself attempts and pest control and call our certified pest control specialists. We’re committed to creating a comprehensive pest control program that safeguards your property inside and out. Request a free estimate for lawn care, residential pest control, and more today!

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