How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Pool

Enjoy your pool without the sting! Learn effective tips to keep wasps away from your pool for a safe, relaxing summer.

Summer is synonymous with poolside fun, but nothing can spoil a relaxing swim faster than a swarm of wasps. Wasps are attracted to water sources, and your pool is no exception. While these insects play crucial roles in the ecosystem, having them around your pool can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Here are some effective strategies to keep wasps away from your pool and ensure a safe, enjoyable summer.

Understanding Wasp Behavior

Before implementing any deterrents, it’s important to understand why wasps are attracted to your pool. Wasps are drawn to water for drinking and cooling, and they are often attracted to the food and sugary drinks around pool areas. Knowing this can help you develop strategies that target their attraction points.

1. Provide an Alternative Water Source

One of the most effective ways to keep wasps away from your pool is to provide them with an alternative water source. Create a water station away from your pool area. Fill a shallow dish or bird bath with water and add some pebbles or marbles for the insects to land on safely. Refresh the water regularly to keep it clean and attractive to them.

2. Use Natural Repellents

Certain scents are known to repel wasps. Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and citronella can be effective in keeping these insects at bay. Mix a few drops of these oils with water and spray the mixture around your pool area. Not only will this deter wasps, but it will also give your pool area a pleasant aroma.

3. Plant Repelling Plants

Strategically planting repelling plants around your pool can help deter wasps naturally. Plants such as eucalyptus, mint, and citronella grass are known to keep these insects away. Creating a natural barrier with these plants can enhance the beauty of your pool area while keeping it insect-free.

4. Cover Your Pool When Not in Use

Wasps are less likely to be attracted to your pool if they can’t access the water. Use a pool cover when the pool is not in use. This simple step can significantly reduce the number of these insects visiting your pool.

5. Avoid Bright Colors and Strong Fragrances

Wasps are attracted to bright colors and strong floral scents. When spending time by the pool, avoid wearing brightly colored swimwear or using strongly scented lotions and perfumes. Opt for neutral colors and unscented products to minimize insect attraction.

6. Keep Food and Drinks Covered

If you enjoy eating or drinking by the pool, ensure that food and beverages are covered when not being consumed. Wasps are particularly attracted to sugary drinks and food, so keeping them sealed will reduce the chances of these insects being drawn to your pool area.

7. Use Wasp Deterrent Devices

There are various deterrent devices available that can help keep wasps away from your pool. Ultrasonic devices emit sounds that are unpleasant to these insects but inaudible to humans. Additionally, traps can be placed around the perimeter of your pool to catch and relocate them safely.

Stinging Insect Control

Keeping your outdoor space clean and setting traps may minimize your chances of a stinging insect problem, but this won’t fully resolve the problem. Additionally, handling a stinging insect situation on your own could lead to painful stings (or worse). We offer both wasp control for your peace of mind.

When your home or business is being invaded by wasps or other stinging insects, bring in the professionals from PURCOR. Contact us to request your free pest control quote today.

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