3 Reasons You Have Ants in Your House This Summer

It’s easy to get antsy when there are ants in your home. We’ve got why that’s the case.
Ants marching on a toothbrush

If you’re experiencing ants in your home during the summer, knowing why the invasion occurred is a must. From identifying common signs of ants to understanding what makes your home attractive to these insects, learn why warm-weather ant infestations occur — and how to prevent them from happening again.

They’re Preparing for Winter

So, why do ants come in the house in summer? Just like us, they want to stay warm and comfy. Ants breed under warm conditions, but that’s not the only reason they might want to invade your home. As the breeding season kicks into high gear, outdoor nests often become overcrowded with rapidly expanding colonies. Some ants are forced to start looking for a place to stay out of the elements before temperatures drop.

They’re Looking for Food and Water

Generally speaking, our homes are stocked with plenty of food. Water, and even the sugary drinks ants crave, are also readily available. Families, especially those with younger kids, can get a little reckless with all that delicious sustenance. Post-snack crumbs aren’t always cleaned up right away, and messy spills can linger on counters for hours. Add leaky faucets and pipes to the mix, and ants have easy access to all the food and water they could ever want. Here are some signs you’ve been supplying the local ant population with the nourishment they need:

  • Cast-off wings
  • A few living ants
  • Saw dust or wood shavings
  • Rustling sounds behind walls

Whether you’ve spotted signs of flying ants in the house this summer or want to be proactive, regular inspections for food and drink spills go a long way towards maintaining an ant-free home.

Your Home Is an Easy Target

Your house may seem well-sealed, but most of us have at least a couple of vulnerabilities that could make for easy ant access. Here are some ways you could be inviting ants in the home during summer:

  • Tears in screens
  • Weatherstrips in need of repair
  • Small openings around doors and windows
  • Gaps, cracks and holes in walls and foundations

Making these small repairs will help prevent ants in the home during summer and the rest of the year. Fixing these issues also aids in the prevention of other pests and can even help lower your utility bills.

Stop Being Antsy and Make the Call to PURCOR

Whether you’ve noticed signs of ants in your home or just want to stay ahead of potential pest problems, PURCOR can help. We offer environmentally conscious pest control solutions to safely and effectively eliminate pest infestations. Our well-trained technicians can also work with you to prevent ants and other creepy crawlers from invading your home. Contact us online today to request a free quote in minutes.

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