Summer Fly Control: How to Deal with Flies

Feeling that summer buzz in the air? Shoo! fly don’t bother me!
summer fly control

We all experience it at some point. You’re sitting there at the kitchen table, perusing the latest social feed or just sipping some coffee. Then, a little buzzing hum begins. It’s faint, but the next thing you know, a fly buzzes right across your face. Summer is here. This time of year brings warmth and sunshine, but it also brings pesky flies buzzing around. PURCOR Pest Solutions offers some key tips for summer fly control in your home to stop that buzzing in your ear.

1. Practice Good Sanitation

Flies are attracted to food sources and organic matter. Keep your kitchen clean, wipe spills promptly, and ensure garbage cans are tightly sealed. Regularly dispose of organic waste to reduce fly attractants.

2. Install Window Screens

Install and maintain window screens on all windows and doors to prevent flies from entering your home while still allowing fresh air circulation.

3. Use Fly Traps and Zappers

Set up fly traps and electric fly zappers indoors and outdoors to capture and kill flies. Fly traps with attractants are particularly effective in reducing fly populations.

4. Employ Natural Fly Repellents

Use natural fly repellents such as essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, or citronella. Place bowls of apple cider vinegar or citrus peels to deter flies from entering your living spaces.

5. Keep Outdoor Areas Clean

Regularly clean up pet waste, spilled food, and beverage residues in outdoor areas. Flies breed in decaying organic matter, so keeping outdoor spaces clean reduces breeding sites.

6. Properly Dispose of Organic Waste

Dispose of organic waste like food scraps and pet waste in sealed containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent flies from being attracted to them.

7. Maintain Garbage Bins

Regularly clean and disinfect garbage bins, and ensure they have tight-fitting lids to prevent flies from accessing waste.

8. Utilize Fly Screen Mesh

For outdoor dining areas or patios, use fly screen mesh or nets to create a barrier, keeping flies away from food and guests.

Send Flies Fleeing With PURCOR

You may not think much about a few flies in the house. After all, they’re annoying, but they’re so common that we think of them differently than cockroaches, large spiders and rodents. But flies are disease spreaders, and they can make your entire family sick with their nasty habits. If you see flies in your home, give PURCOR Pest a call. We offer fast service and safe, thorough treatment plans in a variety of service areas to rid you of flies and prevent future infestations in your home or business.

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