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A nuisance buzzing in your ear, flies in Portland, OR, are a common problem. Just about any Portland residence or business will encounter flies. They’re small, they’re quick, and they slip in through an open door, a hole in your window screen, or cracks in the foundation. But aside from being an irritating, unwelcome presence, the common housefly is known to spread diseases by carrying germs and contaminating the surfaces they land on, including your food, making them a potential threat to you, your family, or your employees. PURCOR Pest Solutions can help. Contact us today to request a quote and schedule a service for our expert pest control services in Portland.

What Is a Fly?

Flies are aptly named based on what they do most: fly. Adults are gray or black in color, have a single pair of wings, and have six legs. They move quickly and have great reflexes, often dodging your fly swatter due to their ability to process visual information approximately seven times faster than humans. They’re usually small in size, maybe a quarter of an inch long. 

While they only live for an average of 30 days, flies breed alarmingly quickly. Females will lay their eggs where they eat, providing larvae—also called maggots—with immediate access to nutrition, and they can lay up to 500 eggs over the course of several days, typically in batches of around 100. These eggs look like small grains of rice and will hatch in 24 to 48 hours.

Flies aren’t picky eaters, and they’ll happily target exposed garbage or decaying plants and animals in your yard. Thus, an uncovered or damaged garbage bin can easily serve as a comfortable breeding ground for flies in your home or business. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Fly Infestation in Portland, OR?

With how quickly flies reproduce, a few flies could very quickly multiply into an infestation, especially if they have access to a reliable food source, such as garbage. Fortunately, flies don’t cause major structural problems, but they do leave behind feces when they land, which will cluster into groups of small black dots.

The most obvious sign of a housefly infestation in Portland is seeing a greater number of flies than what is normal. Finally, if you go to throw out the trash and find maggots in the bin, that’s a sure sign that flies are trying to settle in.


Areas We Provide Fly Control in Portland

Flies are found far and wide, but so are the professions of PURCOR Pest Solutions. We cover many service areas, including those in and around Portland, OR, such as:

St. Johns Forest Park Hazelwood

Parkrose Gresham Beaverton

Vancouver Tigard Hillsboro

Happy Valley Aloha And more

And beyond!

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PURCOR Pest Solutions Fly Control Services

Not only are our pest control services innovative and effective, but they’re also environmentally conscious. We strive to reduce the environmental risks of pesticide use, and with upgraded products, fewer appliances are required but you’ll enjoy more effective results. For most pest control approaches, quarterly treatments will keep flies or other pests out of your home or business. However, should an issue arise between services, we’re just a phone call away and will be there before you know it.

As part of our pest control services, we utilize integrated pest management, which includes bait stations, low-impact products, exclusion techniques around buildings, and continual monitoring of pest activity in order to provide the best pest solutions for your Portland home or business. With PURCOR Pest Solutions, you’ll know you’re receiving pest control from the experts who are focused on long-term solutions. 


Schedule Your Fly Inspection in Portland, OR, With PURCOR Pest Solutions

Shoo, fly! They won’t bother you anymore when you contact PURCOR Pest Solutions today. We have what it takes to handle many different types of pests in Portland, OR, whether the problem is in your home or business, so get started to request your free quote.