HOA Pest Control

PURCOR’s services for HOAs can help ensure residential communities stay protected against problem pests.

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No matter if your Homeowners Association (HOA) has encountered major pest infestations or could use preventative pest control, PURCOR Pest Solutions provides targeted commercial pest control services for your neighborhood. See how we can support the comfort and safety of your HOA or condo association and its residents. 

Pest Control for HOAs

We understand that your HOA has unique needs and specific standards of living. At PURCOR, we implement holistic integrated pest management (IPM) methods to support our effective pest control solutions, using environmentally-sensitive products as much as possible. With monthly HOA pest control, we’ll cover common areas and community grounds like offices, clubhouses, maintenance rooms, and more in addition to the bases of homes and buildings.

Types of Pests We Treat for HOAs

We perform HOA pest control services to remove the following intruders and other common pests.


PURCOR will tailor a pest control plan to prevent and control rodents in your community and keep them from returning with ongoing pest control services.


The small but mighty termite can do a good deal of damage before you even realize they’re there. PURCOR offers termite control and treatment plans for your neighborhood to fend off these destructive insects. 


If your HOA is home to excessive mosquito populations, PURCOR’s services can help keep these disease-carrying flying insects at bay. 

Schedule Pest Control for Your HOA Today

Our service specialists proudly protect HOA communities against bothersome pests with regular, preventative pest elimination services. Have questions or concerns? Want to get started today? Call PURCOR or contact us online to schedule services.


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  • A technician performs an extensive inspection of your home.
  • PURCOR removes visible pests and treats the area to control and prevent an infestation.
  • PURCOR backs the work with our guarantee.
  • Residential & Commercial Service Available
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