Scorpion Control

Along with general pest control, PURCOR specializes in humane, effective, and environmentally sensitive methods to control scorpions.

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Armed with venom-filled stingers and menacing pincers, scorpions are a unique pest species no one wants to find in their home. Unfortunately, these stinging pests are a common sight throughout the western United States. From scuttling across your floor to hiding in sinks, scorpions can strike at any moment. 

Strike back at scorpions with PURCOR™ Pest Solutions! We’ve designed our scorpion control services to tackle your scorpion at its roots with targeted, effective solutions. In addition to educating our local scorpion control specialists, we use pyrethrum-based products. Learn more about our scorpion control solutions below, or contact our team today!

What is pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is the extract derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It contains six esters, or compounds, called pyrethrins. These naturally-occurring compounds attack insects’ nervous systems—exterminating them without the use of harsh, unnatural chemicals.

Pyrethrin Products for Scorpion Control 

Pyrethrins are capable of eliminating a variety of pests when they are sprayed directly. Common pests that PURCOR™ Pest Solutions’s team of specialists can control and prevent with pyrethrin products include:

  • Scorpions
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • And more

Unlike other pest control products, pyrethrins do not have a residual effect. Once the products have dried, their pest-killing ingredients become inactive.  

Pyrethroid Products for Scorpion Control

Pyrethroids are an artificially-made version of pyrethrin esters. Unlike naturally-occurring pyrethrins, which become inactive after drying, pyrethroids keep killing desert insects and other pests after being applied for more continuous control. 

Should I use pyrethrin or pyrethroid products in my home?

Though pyrethrins and pyrethroids may be effective in terminating pests, it’s crucial to consider environmental factors around your home, yard, or business before choosing these treatments. 

Factors you should discuss with PURCOR™ Pest Solutions’ pest specialists before treatment include: 

  • Safety of your family and property
  • Severity of your pest infestation
  • Type of surfaces that will be treated
  • Environmental conditions, such as water runoff
  • Pest treatment regulations in your area

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At PURCOR™ Pest Solutions, we’re always working to provide you with a superior service by applying only premium products, using PURCOR™ Pest Solutions’ application methods, and giving great attention to detail. We continuously improve our services and products through education and training. Your peace of mind is our priority. When you’re ready to receive a free quote for our services, just contact us today!



  • A technician performs an extensive inspection of your home.
  • PURCOR removes visible pests and treats the area to eliminate any hidden pests or and their eggs.
  • PURCOR backs the work with our innovative scorpion control techniques.
  • Residential Service Available
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