Termite Inspection Process

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Termites can cause considerable damage to homes and other structures—damages that are not covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. A thorough termite control home inspection is one of the first steps to controlling termites.

Where to Find Termites

Termites ingest wood and in doing so weaken wood foundations, support beams, door frames, windowsills, and furniture. Termites start new colonies when a group or swarm leaves the nest. When this happens, you may find winged termites anywhere inside your home trying to get out and begin a new colony elsewhere. Termites build mud tunnels on foundations, pipes, or in crawlspaces. They use these tunnels to travel from one location to another.

Searching for Signs of Termites

The termite inspection process begins with one of our trained inspectors evaluating your house for signs of termites. The inspector will search for indications of termites inside and outside your home including walls, windows, baseboards, garage and attic. If you have a crawlspace, they will also inspect underneath your home.

The inspector will then note any signs of termites. Areas of the home especially welcoming for termites will also be marked on a diagram of your home.

Integrated Pest Management and Termites

At PURCOR, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to all pest problems. If we find termites or indications of termites in your home, we will work with you to determine the best method of ridding your home of this pest. Treatment options include bait and monitoring stations and liquid termiticide. We will consider the type of termite, the extent of infestation, the structure of your home, and any associated circumstances (such as the presence of children and/or pets) when developing an approach to best protect your home and family.

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  • A technician performs an extensive inspection of your home.
  • PURCOR uses the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System
  • PURCOR backs the work with our Pest Guarantee
  • Precise application, groundbreaking technology, and minimal disruptions for homeowners!
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