What is a Termite Bond?

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The environment in the Southeast is almost perfect for termite colonies to thrive, and they can quickly cause catastrophic damage to homes and buildings. Often, people don’t realize termites are a problem until the damage has been done. Termite bonds can help protect property from the risk of expensive damages.

What is the purpose of a termite bond?

A termite bond acts like a warranty to ensure the work done by a pest control company is effective. It may cover repair of future damages or retreatment.

Like a home or car warranty, a termite bond protects your investment. After PURCOR conducts an inspection and performs required treatment, the bond guarantees our work. If termites return, it covers the cost of any further treatment.

Why do I need a termite bond?

Put simply – so you can rest easily knowing your home is covered. Many people mistakenly think termite damage is covered under their homeowner’s insurance, but only a termite bond from a reputable pest control company can truly ensure future damages and treatment will be covered.

They are also important when you plan to sell your home. If a termite infestation is found at inspection, you will often be required to purchase a termite bond before a potential buyer will close. Having one in advance can make your home that much more appealing to a potential buyer.

What sets PURCOR apart?

We are one of the only companies in the business with no limits on our bonds. Our warranties cover all damages to the structure itself, regardless of cost. This reflects our confidence in our services. We also offer a variety of treatments and bonds with different durations as needed.

The best people, the best service and the best value—that’s the PURCOR promise. Give us a call today for more information.

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  • A technician performs an extensive inspection of your home.
  • PURCOR uses the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System
  • PURCOR backs the work with our Pest Guarantee
  • Precise application, groundbreaking technology, and minimal disruptions for homeowners!
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