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Skunk Removal & Control Services | PURCOR Pest

Skunk Removal Services

When skunks become a nuisance around your Oregon home, the experts at PURCOR™ can help with humane, advanced solutions for removal and control.

Skunk Removal and Control in Oregon

Skunks are fascinating animals best known for their ability to release a putrid smell, with remarkable precision at targets up to 15 feet away. Ranging from 3 to 15 pounds, these black furry animals have a distinctive white stripe across their back. A skunk can also be brown, cream, or gray in color. If skunks decide to make your home their den, it can quickly escalate into a pest problem for you and your family.

Are Skunks Problematic Around My Home?

Skunks are not necessarily dangerous, but they can be quite a nuisance if they live around your home or business. A skunk attack is rare but not unheard of. If a skunk feels threatened, it will hiss, growl, and stomp its feet before spraying its liquid composed of a sulfur mixture, which results in a strong odor that is difficult to remove. Skunks can be problematic around your property, as they like to dig holes sometimes leading to underneath houses or decks, causing unnecessary damage. 

How Can I Get Rid of Skunks? 

You might try to get rid of these furry animals with at-home repellent solutions, but to truly clear skunks from your property and avoid their return, you should consider contacting an expert. PURCOR utilizes environmentally conscious solutions that incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. Our experts are trained and licensed to inspect and determine proactive, long-term solutions. 

Contact PURCOR in Oregon for Skunk Removal Services

If you have noticed a skunk around your home, it may be time to take action to avoid any sort of damage. Don’t handle these stinky wildlife animals on your own; get in touch with PURCOR for help instead. If you are in Oregon or the Portland area, our friendly pest professionals are equipped for these types of services. Interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact us today! 



  • We inspect your property to identify the animal and harborage sites, then determine necessary and proper management methods.
  • We implement comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies where possible.
  • We recommend areas of exclusion, sanitation, or other actions to stop attracting wildlife populations.
  • We maintain constant vigilance against new populations and respond to any such service request you might have.
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