3 Easy Ways to Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your Kitchen

A mouse nibbling on dry pasta.

Rats and mice, like most pests, infiltrate your home for food, water, shelter, or all three. Keeping that in mind, it’s no surprise that many homeowners learn they have mice or rats when they spot them foraging for food in the kitchen.

The food in your kitchen is so irresistible that some species, such as the house mouse, prefers to stay in your home, building their nests in or behind your pantry walls to create easier access to their food supply—your pantry.

It’s important to address rodents in your kitchen before they can contaminate your food and start reproducing out of control. Keep rats and mice out of your kitchen with these three simple tips:

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Mice and rats are attracted to the smell of food. Any food you leave out is almost an open invitation to rodents. Avoid attracting rats and mice to your kitchen by taking time to address crumbs and spills when they happen. Be sure to also rinse off your dishes when you’re done eating and even place them in the dishwasher to keep out rodents and trap in smells.

2. Upgrade Your Food Storage Containers

If you tend to leave your dry goods in their original packaging, you might want to consider investing in a few plastic or glass vacuum-sealed containers. Rats and mice can make short work of paper packaging, thin plastics, and even foil.

That means unprotected pasta, flour, sugar, and more are at risk of contamination, creating serious health hazards for you and your family. If your dry goods are sealed with a thick plastic container, rodents will have a harder time getting to your food supply.

3. Seal Entry Points Around the Kitchen

While it’s important to seal any points of entry around your entire home, pay special attention to the kitchen to help prevent rats and mice from gaining quick access to the kitchen and setting up a nest. A few entry points to pay special attention to include:

  • Around the fridge and stove.
  • Around water pipes under your sink
  • Around water lines behind your refrigerator
  • In cabinets and drawers
  • Around floor vents
  • Any windows near your kitchen or dining room
  • Near shelving and walls of the pantry

Kick Rats and Mice Out of the Kitchen with PURCOR

If all your best efforts to keep rats and mice out of your kitchen have failed, or you’ve laid home traps and are still finding several rodents in your kitchen, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

When you call PURCOR, our knowledgeable pest control experts will help you to identify and mediate what is attracting rats and mice to your home and develop a treatment plan that will send rodents packing.

Don’t let rats and mice take over your kitchen. Call PURCOR to address your rodent problem or contact us online to request your free estimate today!

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