Common Springtime Pests in the South

A tick sitting on a leaf waiting to land on a child.

No matter which part of the South you live in, chances are you’ve seen your share of spring insects. From big to small, to those that creep and the ones that fly, there are endless ways for them to find their way inside your home, infest your gardens, and otherwise make themselves very unpleasant to deal with.

Depending on specifically where you live—an urban landscape or in the rural countryside—the expected size and number of pests is going to change, but you’ll always find some. If you’ve found yourself stressed out or tired of dealing with a certain pest(s), PURCOR has taken the time to compile a list of some of the most common bugs in Florida, Georgia, and other states prone to nasty spring insects. Once you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with, we encourage you to reach out to us. One of our pest control professionals would love to make your spring a little easier this year.

Common Bugs in Florida

Florida is a breeding ground for bugs and pests of all shapes and sizes. Though we can’t realistically address them all, here’s a few that stand out for their ability to become annoying house bugs in Florida.


Everyone in this region of the country has dealt with ants at some point, and Florida is no exception. Due to their small size, incredible numbers, and invasive efficiency, ants can quickly spread and become a nuisance in almost no time at all.

Though there are many different kinds of ants, you’re likely going to find yourself wrestling with fire ants or carpenter ants as the most common antagonists in your household.


As primary carriers of bacteria like E. Coli and salmonella, it’s really unfortunate that cockroach infestations plague the majority of Florida homes. Second only to ants as the most common Florida bug, the tenacity of these pests is infamous, skulking around in dark places, resistant to many methods to exterminate them on your own. Once you have cockroaches, it can seem impossible to get rid of them all.

Though they come in different sizes, most cockroaches are a brownish-red color, some can fly, and they are drawn to places where crumbs and sweet things have gathered or fallen.


News of termites in your house is like an anchor in your stomach. Especially in the case of drywood termites, these pests will carve swaths of destruction through the skeleton of your home, chewing up roof wood, window frames, furniture, support beams, and more. At best, this leaves an unpleasant texture in the wood of your home, at worst it compromises your home’s integrity and destroys its market value.

Most termites you’ll find in Florida homes are a light brown, almost amber color, with dark brown/black mandibles for chewing.

Common Bugs in Georgia

Like with common bugs in Florida, Georgia is no stranger to a variety of pests. In this section, we’ll address a few of the major culprits that plague Georgia homes.


The tick has an unpleasant reputation due to its blood-sucking tendencies. Finding a tick on your body is always an unsettling feeling, but the real issue is that they can spread dangerous diseases like Lyme disease and tularemia. They are usually a reddish-brown color, approximately ⅛ an inch in length, and frequently most active in the spring and autumn seasons.

Ticks spread by latching onto hosts that will carry them to new areas, where they transition to new hosts through passing contact.

Paper Wasp

Paper wasps are easy to recognize by their red-brown color, yellow markings, and the umbrella-shaped nests formed from a material with paper-like qualities. While not inherently aggressive, they can sting if provoked, and their venom is known to trigger dangerous allergic reactions in some people.

Their nests are likely to appear outside in tree branches, shrubs, or in corners/indentations in your home, like eaves, under decks, and in door frames, among other locations not exposed to harsh elements.

Choose PURCOR To Deal with Spring Insects

PURCOR has been there, done that with all the common bugs in Georgia, Florida house bugs, and every other pest that takes residence in the Southeast United States. If you’re coming up to the end of your rope with an infestation or ongoing pest problem, let us lend you a hand.

Offering reliable pest control to anyone who needs it, PURCOR has provided trusted pest control services for decades, and your needs are no exception. From bugs, to weeds, to wildlife, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call, or request a free estimate online so we can set you up for an appointment and fast track you to a pest-free home or business today!

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